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Dev comment: Who's the bigger cunt? The popo or me for not updating?
Dev comment: I really wanted to get this out a few days earlier, but my focus went onto another, more robust, community with a huge trainwreck and real life work took up the rest.
September 2nd, 2017
Dev comment: Cuz's kill count is probably around 15ish at this point? I'm not sure. But this isn't the first officer he had to kill. It's been 8 months, guys, Cuz became a little bit of a badass at this point. Except for the whole 'nobody told him how to pick up weapons thing'.

I thought it would be the first cop he ever had to kill originally, but I think the IDPD knows about him and they'd just send one every other week to kill Cuz because he literally has no special. I mean, what's he going to do, shoot them? Pfffft.
August 31st, 2017
Dev comment: rest in pepperoni pizza, yv's having an existential nightmare. Worst. Gun god. Ever.
August 30th, 2017
Dev comment: YV only knows the number to pizza, his bank, no like the bank he owns, and also like eleven gun shops.

I forgot how much effort I used to actually put in these. Totally worth it.
August 28th, 2017
Dev comment: I realized how to end the pzuh plotline, and it only took me 242-243 days to do so. People wanted this back. I decided why the fuck not. I also lost my original tools, but I can kinda guess how I drew it before.
Ecnius (Guest)
January 29th, 2017
goddamit dude wheres my pzuh plotline at
December 29th, 2016
Dev comment: Not much to say here, YV is still upset about Cuz.
December 28th, 2016
@Black Acorn Comics: I have never made a manga ripoff, even when I made a BL comic which had both a parody of 50 shades and no BL in it at all.
i love your comic for the simple fact thats its not another fucking manga rip off . thank you for being original
December 28th, 2016
Dev comment: I have no idea where the hell this is going but it's looks to be a case of Cerebus Syndrome.
December 27th, 2016
Dev comment: How the fuck is Cuz in two places? Why is he selling pizza?? And why is he playing a Game Gear???
Dev comment: Steroids is well-read, hence he gets a fancy font and proper punctuation. I also drew him like 10 times before I settled on the hexagon.
Dev comment: Fish speaks properly, but he doesn't have a fancy font or full punctuation. Also triangles that are scalene are unequal in every line. I think that's true with my comics, but I try to make him either equilateral or isosceles depending on the mood I'm trying to make; it's a comic ffs.

I also like the idea that YV hoards weapons like a dragon hoards gold. Except you know, not as cool as a dragon. Plus, YV pretending he's not YV and then just being an Internet troll WHEN HE'S RIGHT THERE FISH BEAT HIS OBTUSE ASS
Dev comment: I had Barbie Horse Adventure originally for Cuz's line, but the Westaboos made me want to poke some fun at bronies' expense. Sorry guys, enjoy your nonexistent Barbie Horsefucker Adventure. Or flush a bag of Doritz down your toilet. Warning: May break toilet.

Additionally, the original strip involved Cuz throwing Doritz at YV's eye and YV getting a Golden Nuke Launcher to blast Cuz to next week. I mean, it wouldn't kill him, but mildly inconvenience him, kinda like the Dorito in YV. I mean, let's say there's a chip in your eye but it doesn't hurt. It's bothering you, isn't it? Kinda like that.
Dev comment: The entire comic is based off a joke I had on stream where I tried to get double screwdrivers as Steroids. We started joking about a NT mod where every weapon is an alternate screwdriver, like Lightning Screwdriver, or Triple Screwdriver.
December 26th, 2016
Dev comment: YV is good at business. He should be a CEO.

Easter egg: The brar is a reference to an older comic of mine called "It is Horrible", which in turn was a homage to 12 oz mouse. Good show that was.
December 26th, 2016
Dev comment: Bottom right panel was a pain in the arse because I had to somehow recreate Photoshop's RGB distortion in Manga Studio (and not that well mind you considering that, oh, the actual art is BLACK), plus some brushes to make YV seem more demented than before. The pistol being super realistic compared to everything else is a nice bonus too, although it's not super clear in my opinion.

The joke here is that YV has exclusively 20 dollar bills, which are also the green Monopoly bills (and green bills in Canada too). It's fun. Additionally, Cuz eats Doritz and they're playing Popo-poly.
Dev comment: Yes, he's drinking Fanta. I drank lemon Fanta in Ukraine and I noticed two things: It looks like Hollywood radiation and it tastes amazing. Seriously, best soda I've ever drank.

The joke is also hilarious in that it gave him a nice comfy butt.
December 26th, 2016
Dev comment: Yeah, this was a direct ripoff of the official Venuz Patrol comics, namely the one where Venuz lost the money that he was holding in his hand. Except it's sillier. The joke sucks. 7/10 would write again