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Old KDLA Pages

by CapedLuigisYoshi
This is where original versions of pages from Kirby's Dreamland Adventures are to be archived.

May contain spoilers for the actual comic, obviously.
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5 Months Ago

Old KDLA Pages

This is where original versions of pages from Kirby's Dreamland Adventures are to be archived.

May contain spoilers for the actual comic, obviously.

Recent Comments

Remade version is here.

Dedede's meant to be singing part of the SMB ground theme in those first three panels. Like, the part that starts at about 0:50. Even if the second panel doesn't work with that.

That's all of Castle Lololo/Lilule remade! Float Islands should be here sometime.
Remade version is here.

"calmed the ghosts"

Yeaaaah. "Calmed". Whatever you say, Broomloom.
Remade version is here.

I didn't even spell Chekhov right!
The new page replacing this one is here.

Original title: On to the Past

Just because you make your Kirbysona say it's bad doesn't excuse it from being bad.
The new page replacing this one is here.

Original title: The First Annual Costume Contest


So, like, it's bad enough to have this dumb Halloween filler awkwardly shoved into the story, and it's definitely uncomfortable seeing that helmed by an author avatar from a time when I probably hadn't even heard of transgender people, let alone that I would turn out to be one. But that's all obvious stuff.

There's soooo much more. The made-up name for Sir Kibble so bad that I've since de-canonized it (his full name's Katar Kibble now). The lazy sprite edits I tried to pass off as characters being lazy. The pointless reference to old theories of Meta Knight being related to Kirby. Clyby winning the thing in an obvious display of favoritism. Clyby's whole name thing. Clyby in general, really.

What the heck was Clyby even there for? I know at the the time I had an idea of multiple Clys existing, including these two, but... why? It's not like they were even really alt-dimensional counterparts, that would've at least made some semblance of sense... the others were just supposed to be kinda split off from normal Cly? That only makes sense for Shadow Cly! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Oh yeah, and I titled it "The First" as if I was gonna do more. At least I learned my lesson... then again, I think I was on hiatus during the next two Halloweens, so it took a while to really learn.
Remade version is here.

Original title: Insert Witty Title Here... Wait, That Name's Taken

You might think you know all the problems here: the apparent laziness, the sudden interruption of an author avatar who's a simple edit of existing sprites, the bad segue into a time-sensitive filler...

What if I told you that it's even worse? Because this here? It's a stolen joke. Again.

Remade version is here.

Kirby you have zero way of actually knowing that particular door is the correct one.
Remade version is here.

Original title: Incredibly Lazy Comic

Yes Kirby, we all read the previous pa-

ah crap I forgot this one had a "the punchline is the characters pointing out a lack of punchline how WACKY" non-joke
Remade version is here.

Oh boy it sure is Fun (tm) looking at my younger self flinging around the term "psychopath" casually.
Remade version is here.

Kirby you were told about the candy in this version you shouldn't have had even mild surprise.
Remade version is here.

They sure are Glunks.
Remade version is here.

I've actually thought about potential explanations for why Kirby would even know such a song, but there's been no way to naturally address it.
Remade version is here.

Honestly, I still find the original gag in Kirby vs the Squeaks funny. If I hadn't basically reused the joke unchanged, this might've been decent!
Remade version is here.

I'm preeeetty sure that bit about "another triple repetitive name" was stolen from Kirby Origins.
...This long later, I guess I can finally talk about what I meant by character-Cly and Rockurtle's appearance "holding meaning".

Recently (September 20, 2017), the main comic updated with a page revealing that Chuchu is in a same-gender relationship with Nyupun. At face value, that may seem like the first instance of LGBT representation in the comic, but that's only true if you count it by when it's explicitly stated in KDLA. Rockurtle, meanwhile, was planned to be a lesbian since at least December 2009, but it wasn't explicitly revealed until June 2017 (still prior to the Chuchu/Nyupun page), and her status as a character in KDLA is... dubious. She's more of an Extreme Team character.

Meanwhile, I'm a transgender lesbian. Does this mean my early appearance here counts as the first trans KDLA character (and one of the first gay ones)? Depends if you count author avatars... and it's rather weird since I obviously did not know that about myself at the time. And there's also the matter of the later edit to this page removing my appearance...

Plus, there's at least a couple more LGBT characters who predate Chuchu's appearance, whose status simply hasn't been mentioned yet. Like Rick, or Kiyosi. And no, I don't care about "spoiling" that by now.
Somebody hates Kracko.
Whatever you say table
Remade version is here.

Look at that blocking in the first half of the page. Dedede and Kibble just crowded on the left, while the right side goes mostly unused. It's been fixed in the remake.

...Man, I can't believe it took so long to get this far in the remakings. I'll stop for now since the entirety of Green Greens is done, but I'll be back here after Castle Lololo's all remade and ready.
Remade version is here.

Keeby sure was more assertive in this version. I didn't really get a handle on his personality until some years later. You see it more in the original 1-3, but Keeby at this point was being written as more of a big brother figure to Kirby, when presently he's meant as a younger brother. Big difference.
Remade version is here.

Original title: Boss Fight! Vs Whispy Woods!

Unlike the last one, this page is actually pretty okay! A decent fight scene, I think.

Aside from that weird ending dialogue, I guess.