Aether Eternius

Aether Eternius is a high-fantasy story about creatures known as Elementals and their realm of the Elemental Planes.

The long lost element of Null has awoken, bringing along with it two outsiders in an attempt to fix a world long since broken and teetering on internal collapse. However, they are learning that to mend this shattered plane; they will have to break it further first.

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I sense they know Casmire
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Huzzah! You are no longer sick I am glad you are Okay.
Sorry About That!
I'm no longer sick! Huzzah! Sorry about no update last week, but I was more focused on recovering than anything else! <3333
@Wondermuffin06: They are in a piece of it, there are just some denizens that consider it all Void, like Obu here, regardless of what fragment they live in. No ones suicidal enough to live in the main hunk though.
Im a little confused, are they in the main part of Void or are they in a piece like Light?
@Taphrine: Thank you so much! <3333
I love your art style it's really cute and makes the characters look so diverse!
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This comic is awesome!
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hope you don't mind
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This comic is awesome.
That reminds me of the first Warriors book "Into the Wild"