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From rags to glory - the wealth and true power of seizing ones own life for themselves rather than allowing despair to take over.

Greystone is a young man who was born illegitimately into a rich, wealthy family. The family - not wishing for their bastard son to remain near them, has him shipped off into slavery. The cold clutches of darkness can hang on to anyone in such a sad situation, but the wheels of fate turn evermore and Greystone may find that this dark time is where his life truly begins.

Greystone is a character invented by Epic games, from their game Paragon. If anyone has played Paragon, you will recognize this character. This is a short comic where I attempt to explain his backstory. Hope you enjoy!

*updates 1-2 pages every week, on Saturday around noon. May be more pages depending!

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January 10th, 2017
Sorry for the Late Posts
Hey guys, I was out of town with my gf for a few days and so I couldn't post the "two per day" that I had agreed to - so to make up for it, I've decided to post two pages today! After this however, I will try to post 1-2 pages every Saturday at around noon. This is because my college classes have started and my work schedule will be divided between school assignments and comic, as well as my job in real life :b I hope everyone will understand the change.

That being said the chapter is around 65% complete, and my original statement stands: depending on the reviews I get for this comic from the Paragon community and from other comic readers, I may try to make a Paragon-based comic. Another constraint to this is Epic Games themselves; if they decide to release lore for their world, then I'll have to reconsider based on the direction they take. I have a direction in my own mind, but if theirs differs largely, I'll have to largely rethink the plot I've currently been mulling over.

Otherwise, I have big plans for a comic of my own. More manga-styled, as well. But again, that just depends on what happens in the future with Epic and with the Greystone comic. I just wanted to update you guys because I feel like transparency is a good thing to have as a content creator. And though I'm just a fan-comic artist atm, you guys can always feel free to talk to me and ask me for critiques or to critique my art as well. Hope you enjoy!
January 5th, 2017
My heart already hurts.