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Randy Bamboo

Randy is a kid with an active imagination.

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no, I didn't mention your comment to my illustrator. Thanks for reading!
Is this because I commented on a lack of tech?
Randy Bamboo
February 28th, 2017
old school
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I've noticed the look is very "old school" compared to most nowadays, but hopefully the simple stories/illustrations will hold their own.
@Randy Bamboo: The clothes, lack of technology, life out in the country, and even your art style all has a sort of retro "Dennis the Menace" feeling to it. Overall it just feels very old-timey.
Randy Bamboo
February 28th, 2017
what year
@Squirreltastic-Blue: I didn't even think about a year. Why do you ask?
So, what year is it in this setting?
Sweet kid.
At least they have each other.
This is how I've always felt about maths.