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Ghost Network

Sadie is a ghost.
Bree can see ghosts.
Together, they plan on making one of the best ghost hunting shows along with their two schoolmates in desperate need of extra credit.
But just because you can see ghosts or you happen to be a ghost doesn't mean ghost hunting is a breeze. In fact, it's pretty darn dangerous.

Comic updates once a week.

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I am all about family unity and support. But don't think this is all going to be rainbows and unicorns. Even the happiest of families and the brightest of teens may have their ordeals.
But can I just say that Yuri is great and we should all love him?
I love Bree's happy/try-new-things attitude. It's nice to see a character actually happy to move for once!! This is a great story so far!
He's that useful kind of guy who will lend you an egg or cup of sugar or exorcise the demons roaming around your neighborhood. You know, your friendly neighbor! Also we're learning a little more about our family... Wonder what other secrets are going to be revealed...
And today we get to meet Yuri, the sagely old man who lives next door and is just too darn sweet for his own good. He will be a pretty constant character in the comic!
I have two more pages of buffers and then I'll be taking a hiatus so more than likely the start of May will be when I go on my brake and probably will last until the end of May. But I'll be sure to let you all know!
I know I wanted to update with two pages this weekend but guess who suddenly was thrust into working 9 days straight? Yep.
I'm not sure when I'm going to have my mini hiatus yet but we'll see how this week goes! Thanks everyone for sticking with me!
You know that trope where the teen girl absolutely hates their new house and is a constant source of tension to the family? Yeah. That one. I hate that one.
Bree is excited as hell! Look at this place! It's freaking huge! I would be excited too!
Bree is finally here with her pupper Abbie and the fun shall ensue!

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Thank you!
@Grellk: The flashback idea might work for some of the characters actually! But as for internal dialogue, I try to limit that because I have two official main characters and the sub characters do have their moments of being 'main' so I don't want to cause any confusion. I try to write it so that internal dialogue isn't necessary but I'm still playing with format! Whatever will work best in telling the story is what I'll do so that might happen as well!
@oh-no-melon: That's awesome! Cause I really like where this is going!
@oh-no-melon: maybe when you introduce a character you should show flashbacks of how they met and how they know each other, and while youre at it you can let the main character describe what they thought of them now and then.
Oh my god the artwork is gorgeous, don't stop and keep doing what you're doing
This week has been pretty rough with work and car woes but it's always nice to know I can have this comic for me as a means to relax.
I've also set up a ko-fi account for donations. No pressure of course; I'll do this comic no matter what :)
I was in a pretty major car accident on Monday and I'm still super sore from it. Our car is totaled but no one was seriously hurt aside from myself. I have some massive bruises on my arm and chest but nothing broken and nothing long lasting. So my week has been nothing short of exciting and I STILL managed to get a page done! Talk about dedication!
I'm happy to start introducing the main players of this little story! It was getting lonesome with only Sadie but now we'll get to see more and more!
It's tough to work 40 hours a week and try and get a comic page out, yet here we are! I'm going to do my best to update once a week.
And we're going to get more characters! Starting with old hedge clipper guy!
House montage! And poor Sadie all alone in it.

Well... not for long.
This page was a trial. Between my carpal tunnel acting up, work taking up a lot of my time, and this file getting corrupt because of the program I was using, I'm happy this page exists. Not my best or favorite work, but I'll take it for now.
Also, special shout out to this house. My husband and I were house hunting in Pennsylvania and we ALMOST considered this house but we just weren't ready to buy yet. But we loved this house and I wanted to immortalize it in the comic.
They're calling for snow tonight! I can hardly believe it; we were having such nice weather and now snow! Don't get me wrong, I like the snow but I was just starting to thaw out.
We're going to start seeing more characters soon here in Ghost Network... I might need to do a character guide. We get introduced to quite a few very quickly! Don't want to cause any confusion for anyone.
Can something be your fault and an accident at the same time?
Sadie's existential crisis is almost over and we'll start seeing some changes in scenery.
Things are starting to get a little creepy for Sadie.
Hey everyone! So I'm thinking the update schedule for this comic is going to be either Sundays or Mondays depending on my work schedule. Also, I'm trying to find a new energy drink that isn't drinking a sugar bomb and boy is it tough to find JUST THE RIGHT ONE that tastes good but also is an energy drink.
The woes of not being a coffee drinker. :/