Black and white. Good and evil? Ying and Yang? What have the stars brought upon us, did we really deserve this?

Right now, my father is a horrible beast and I have to stop his plans, I can't take it anymore. May the stars be with me or not, I will do this.
Please be alert to the fact that I cannot regularly update this comic. The pages take a lot of work and I still have a lot of other projects to work on... So, sorry for that!


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This is a realy beautiful art style
January 5th, 2017
in tears.
@WildfireK: omg holy heck I have NO WORDS... I am so speechless.... thank you so so so much for these nice words!!!
And thank you so much for reading!! I'll do my best to keep it as good!
January 4th, 2017
Wow, you have some serious talent! You're characters have this rustic vibe that just paints the story in rich, warm colors, which, by the way, is incredibly thought out! The pace is wonderful, the world-building spot on, and the lore a beautiful twist on the classic "Light vs. Dark" that hooked me from the start. Not to mention the awe-inspiring art, which I can only dream of producing. Definitely reading this one. :)