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March 15th, 2018
@LightBlueBlaze: it's an interesting idea for sure.
Dunno how it'd work tho.
March 13th, 2018
He has transcended to a new evolutionary stage in which specimens have acquired levitation abilities
March 13th, 2018
@WildfireK It’s a Briarlight clone! Quick, we must eliminate it!!!

@WiispNightmare Y E P

Luckily, he’s miraculously fixed now, but I’m still debating about having him be crippled in the allegiances. What do you two think? :3
March 12th, 2018
W e l l
March 12th, 2018

March 12th, 2018
Uh, Burnnose, are you okay, buddy...?

First my game glitches with the material cost, and now this. I think I’m going to have to update the allegiances and say that he was paralyzed in the forelegs due to an accident.

February 28th, 2018
Dun dun DUN :0
@LightBlueBlaze: well if it were me
A pick-up line period would be death

I bet it was something stupid like

"Hey didja sit in some sugar lately"
@WiispNightmare: LOL Not quite! I bet he did get chewed out for using a pickup line at some point, though.

What did you think his pickup line was? I’m curious as to what would make you murderous :O
He did a pickup line :0

I know I'd murder anyone who gave me that.
@WiispNightmare: Will do! In fact, check the next page... :3

That makes you a good friend, Wiisp! XD You are truly a master of diplomacy.
Does this make you happy, Wiisp? :D

They seem to be fighting again. Ah, love- it can make you do incredibly odd things. And yes, that includes verbally assaulting your lover.

So, here’s the question for you all... What do you think Alderleap said to make Featherbreeze angry? I already know the answer :3c
I think you should just draw out what's happening. Make it interesting.
Keep us updated on progress XD

This is me when my friend is being stupid about her boyfriend yes
So, I’ve noticed as of late that Alderleap and Featherbreeze have been avoiding each other. Like, one will be on one side of the guild, and the other one in the opposite part.

Luckily, Thrushlight realizes what’s going on between her feathery friend and the scarlet-coated cat, so she steps in to give Alderleap “a friendly peptalk.”

Oh geez, now I’m tempted to make a short story about this. Not multiple chapters like my Warriors story, but just one single chapter. What do you guys think?
@WildfireK: something about special shipping WHATEVERRRR XDD
I thought it was One true pairing or Only true pairing
@WildfireK: well uh I was told it was original true pairing so *shrugs*

*silently draws more Kiarolor*
Uh OTP stand for Obvious true pair OKAY!?

ShiFi is best and Shad is bae
@WildfireK: gasp you replaced Shifi
I'm telling Stal~kerrr♡
And I'm not abandoning my original original true pairing
Kiarolor for life
Wumpingjuffyfindshewhip OTP