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@WildfireK: something about special shipping WHATEVERRRR XDD
I thought it was One true pairing or Only true pairing
@WildfireK: well uh I was told it was original true pairing so *shrugs*

*silently draws more Kiarolor*
Uh OTP stand for Obvious true pair OKAY!?

ShiFi is best and Shad is bae
@WildfireK: gasp you replaced Shifi
I'm telling Stal~kerrr♡
And I'm not abandoning my original original true pairing
Kiarolor for life
Wumpingjuffyfindshewhip OTP
@WildfireK: LBB look he's done it
The perfect ship name
Wumping juffy find she whip
@WiispNightmare: Featherleap sounds adorable!!! :O

Alderbreeze isn’t bad either, but I definitely like Featherleap more ^^
@WildfireK: Jumping fluffy wind tree ship.
Ship don't forget ship

Fluffy tree wind jumping ship
Fluffy jumping tree wind???

Nope, nope, no, nope, nuh-uh, and nope XD

See, I told you that you have some that I don’t! All the cats listed in the Allegiances are all of the one I have.

EDIT: Just got Robin, I’ll add him to the list later. His name is Jaytalon!

Well um do you have Kai?
Or Hen or Emma or Sabrina? :D
I have Stark and Stitch too
@WildfireK: I did buy some gems, and just got really lucky on the pulls. Only 1 repeat! XD

And yes, seeing Grubb’s- *ahem* I mean MAGGOTTUFT’S- face makes me displeased. He will be forever shamed.

I bet there’s quite a few cats that you have that I don’t! For example, I don’t have Hoshi yet, I’m just listing her there for when I get her in the future.
Holy crud how did you get all those mythic cats!??? What???

Also Grubb XDD
You have a lot of cats I don't have XDD

Do you have Hoshi?
Without further ado, here it is.
Forest Guild Allegiances:

Leader: Violetstar- gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Braveclaw-brown tabby tom with a paler muzzle (Conan)

Medicine Cat: Ravenholly- dark blue-gray she-cat with white markings and pale green eyes (Hoshi)


Snowflight- white she-cat with blue eyes (Catniss)
Sprucestripe- brown tabby tom with brown eyes (Francis)
Daisyscar- very pale ginger she-cat with pale brown markings and dark golden eyes, has a scar near her right eye (Juliet)
Clawheart- dark gray tom with black tabby markings, as well as white markings and blue eyes (Romeo)
Blueshadow- black tom with light blue-gray markings and eyes (Azure)
Birchwhisker- beige tom with brown eyes (Edward)
Alderleap- brown tabby tom with darker paws and tail tip (Scarlet)
Featherbreeze- white she-cat tinged with pink, amber eyes (Amortina)
Oakclaw- brown tom with long fur and yellow eyes (Oakenpaw)
Starsky- blue-gray she-cat with lighter specks and icy blue eyes (Lunar Sparkle)
Rabbittail- stubby-tailed brown tabby tom with a white muzzle, belly, and paws, dark brown eyes (Bob)
Poppyleaf- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes (Mochi)
Thrushlight- white she-cat with brown patches, blue eyes (Dori)
Wolfheart- pale brown she-cat with darker patches, folded ears, and green eyes (Chi)
Darkshadow- very dark gray tom (almost black) with black stripes and brown eyes (Maximus)
Cloudflight- fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes, deaf (Angel)
Rosebreeze- brown she-cat with darker flecks and yellow eyes (Charmer)
Bramblepatch- white tom with black and brown tabby patches, dark green eyes (Purrcis)
Grayscar-scarred gray tabby tom with brown eyes, one of which is blind (Dango)
Palefoot- brown tom with blue-gray markings, brown eyes (Navi)
Willowtail- gray tabby she-cat with paler markings and a fluffy tail, yellow eyes (Morrigan)
Waterheart- gray she-cat with icy blue eyes (Mawizinea)
Snakepelt- gray she-cat with a lighter belly and muzzle, amber eyes (Cassandra)
Thunderstep- golden tabby tom with brown eyes (Thor)
Burnnose- brown tom with white splotches and a black mark around his nose (Gordon)
Moonfade- light golden she-cat with blue eyes (Bunny)
Sharpear- black she-cat with ginger patches and blue eyes (Sibuna)
Bouldermoss- gray tabby tom, very light blue eyes (Boulder)
Driftsnow- gray tabby tom with white markings and flecks, brown eyes (Dovah)
Squidnose- brown tom with a pale belly (Howard)
Maggottuft (if you couldn’t tell, I don’t like him lol)- brown tom with a black tuft on his head, sickly yellow eyes (Grubb)
Phoenixspark- gray tom with pale gray patches on his back, brown eyes (Barry)
Lizardthorn- very dark ginger she-cat with spikey fur and large amber eyes (Nyadra)
Softpelt- fluffy brown tabby she-cat with white markings (Pipsqueak)
Crossface- gray tom with lighter patches and a crossed scar on his face, dark blue eyes (Kyle)
Tornstone- brown tom with lighter markings and brown eyes, has a torn ear (Courage)

Longfur- brown tom with a golden belly, brown eyes (Murrlin)
@WildfireK: It took a while, and quite a bit of determination :3c I’m about to post the allegiances!
Oh wow you evolved them both?
They're still unevolved for me XD
*pauses to take a breath* My apologies for all the screeching XD

Over the last three days, these two have been close together, and usually when Featherbreeze goes somewhere, Alderleap follows at a distance. He just seems so shy about being around her! I definitely ship it.