(VMR) Isea: Playing With Dolls

In a future where mankind has been wiped out of existence by his own actions leaving a messed up world a new intelligent specie appear. They call themselves Anumens and have a really quick progress in matter of society and tecnonlogy, but following the same pattern as humans did before.

This is the first book that is just centered in the story of a particular character: Isea. It's a story of violence, cruelty and hate, without too much relevance for the world of the Anumens, but works as an introduction for the character.


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gato of latex
@TurkoJAR: i know that face of verga, but i want to quejarme because im a pibe piola que toma fernet in the esquina (?
@Ganbi: Chill out my friend, remember that patience is a precious virtue ... and that I have work besides creating comics. Ty for the comment :D
Fan of this comic series (but have 1 fucking volume, move your mendozino's ass and draw the second part).
@Guest: Thank you! I'm really glad you like my comic.

And don't worry, I'm making an update today.
You really did a really good job on this page. I really hope you read this
Good job on the comic I hope you make more in the future