PMD: Explorers of Sky

Have you ever played "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky" before?
Well, this is almost the same thing. Almost. I'm taking a few creative liberties when making this.
If you've never played the game before, leave NOW, 'cause this comic goes into spoiler territory quite often. Also, swears may be in abundance here, both in the comic and by me (I simply barely have a filter on my vocabulary).

Updates whenever, but will not be abandoned. Yet... this is honestly just practice for another comic I have planned.

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@LightBlueBlaze: you reminded me of the song

thx for reminding me some stuff :p
My apologies! OTL
Between senior year and having a lot of other important things to do, I haven't been uploading as many comics as I should have. I might upload some pages using MS Paint, as I have to use my school computer while my regular one is out of commission. Would you guys be okay with that?
Stuff happened. Here's the best song to describe this page:

Oh, and by the way...


... Or maybe not. I'll let you all decide: should I keep this page or just make it an April Fools joke entirely? The choice is yours!
X man
January 13th, 2017
Your still a better artists than me! (warning bad words, don't watch if easily offended)
You don't know how tempted I was to put a "No loitering" sign in some of the panels.
Who could've forgotten these two lovely gentlemen, huh? I've always pictured Zubat as being the clever one of the two, while Koffing is almost all brawn, and no brains. But I also thought that he should have a serial killer side to him too... because plot reasons. As a side note, I really wanted Zubat to say, "you'll get to beat the shit out of him" before I remembered that Koffing is the swear-guy, not Zubat :/ Sad times...

Me when trying to draw straight lines with Zubat:
@X man: Thanks! :D I'm sure yours is good too, though! Wait until you see the next page- I just gave up on making a good background.
X man
January 9th, 2017
@LightBlueBlaze: worst part about your drawing skills is your better then me.
He's bookin' it out of there. Clever kid.
Who's that Pokémon? :3c Personally, he's one of my favorite characters to write for, so this should be good.

Also, may I add that while drawing a Shinx is fun, making the Guild, the grate, and the sunset made me want to lock myself in a room with a rabid, starving tiger. Thank god it's done, but the sunset will return soon... *sigh*
Whoops, another character bites the dust, and we aren't even three pages in.
I hope that I did this well, I really tried. Tell me- does it look like the character is underwater?

Meanwhile... some other stuff will happen in the next page :3
Oh shit, stuff's about to go down!
Yep, here it is, page one! As I said in the main description, I will be taking a few creative liberties, but it will still be following the storyline of PMD Sky.

I had to play a little game while making this page, which I lovingly call "Which damn font did I just use?" Don't worry, I won't lose my mind... yet. From here on in, most characters will have the same font, with a few exceptions of course.

Finally, I will be uploading three pages in a row today. ... Don't get comfortable with it, I'm usually VERY unmotivated. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯