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frisk i hope you got a pie ready ! to feed sans when he'll be back ! >:c
You can't kill something with negative hp, you moron
Flowey's face in the first panel though!
Sansy boy, please don't die!!!!!
sans is badass but i'm also afraid for him HAAAAH xD
I have bad spelling, but that aside, Floweys face in the last panel makes him look so cute!! And I don't know why!?
KARMAS GONNA COME COLLECT YOUR DEBT! And get dunked on Flowey!!!!
@GamingNinja: HAHAHAHA LOL!! Soooo true, i´m laughing so hard
Sans looks so f*%#ing high in the last picture
...sans... *sob* .....
spoiler alert!
sans could also be behind this because he can time travel.
wait!wait!wait! is asriel behind this?!?!
um... well... oh? hey! alfis u work 4 gaster still???
Oh Geez...
At least Sans is releasing all of that stored up magic...right?
@AmberedDragonfire: I wish... but I doubt I could write anything over 10,000 words... might be able to write a chapter maybe two if I stretch it, but after that I would be stuck since I have yet to play UT.
@crakaz: just go for it! it sounds really cool! :D
@enamis: aaah thank you very much!! ;w;
That wink, though...
Well then...
That's a first. For Undyne, at least.