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OMG this is the most cute?no kawaii?wait wha nevermind comic ever seen,i never seen a comic thats so ..... what the word ah nevermind but really you should make more your drawing so aMAZEing sorry for that hihi
this was an amazing comic! ♥
Shame I flew through it so fast tho -0-°
Nonetheless, it turned out very well!
Not Satisfied
Alphys needs to apologize, like rnrn
@Ironcool: Don't you ever stop~
Flowey... You have FLOWEY, A SOULess monster, In your LAB. Alpys is a a derp face.
@GamingNinja: DuN wOrRy PaPs. I jUsT hAd A lItTlE tOo MuCh KeTcHuP. tHaT's AlL. i'M fInE...
@0Naught4Nothing0: dude, you're so hyped your
"Woooooo!" goes out of the comment box.
Oh my gosh. this was amazing. *claping hands* Perfect, just amazingly perfect. Idk how old this is but still :3
Omg I loved this. Sooooooooooo very good. Make more. Pls
good shit
that's some good shit you got there! keep up the good work.
OK I'll try find the link: 3
Wonderful Ending
Bravo :3
San's skull is literally broken
Get dunked on
now sans is the one who got dunked on!
oh, I thought it said "lar"
get. off.