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Omg I loved this. Sooooooooooo very good. Make more. Pls
good shit
that's some good shit you got there! keep up the good work.
OK I'll try find the link: 3
Wonderful Ending
Bravo :3
San's skull is literally broken
Get dunked on
now sans is the one who got dunked on!
oh, I thought it said "lar"
get. off.
@AmberedDragonfire Does that mean sans cant time travel?
Yay! I loved this story.
Great comic! The ending felt a bit unfinished to me but overall is was an awesome comic
Loved this till the end thanks ! ♥
The first two panels remind me of when you spare Flowey at the end of a Neutral Run.
@Spirit of Water: Which route did you do? Neutral?
@TheFourthSoul: I have only had the opportunity to play through the game once, and Wiki says that it's in another route. So, no, I have not. But thank you for your direction.