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Adventures of Henry the Mole

Adventures of Henry the Mole

by DoctorManny
On an adventure, Henry washes up on an island after his kayak capsizes. While he gets accustomed his new home, a mysterious enemy lurks around! With new friends by his side, Henry embarks on something big!
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Adventures of Henry the Mole

On an adventure, Henry washes up on an island after his kayak capsizes. While he gets accustomed his new home, a mysterious enemy lurks around! With new friends by his side, Henry embarks on something big!

Recent Comments

What's with those bright colors, Maureen?
In the words of the great Iris, "What a kid."
September 13th, 2018
Is it me, or does Miss Maple thrive on seizure-inducing colors?
September 13th, 2018
Yes, Maureen Maple is a laughable name.
September 13th, 2018
Chapter 4 begins!
Judging from the title, you can guess there's going to be some bad blood between Pamela Stone and her daughter, Ashanti. But over what, you ask? The answer will come soon enough...
September 13th, 2018
Prepare your jimmies, Henry. After Ms. Stone's story, you're in for some maximum rustling.

Thus concludes Chapter 3. Chapter 4 will arrive next week, telling Ms. Stone's story. I hope you'll all be ready!
Not a very busy intersection, huh?
"Well, this conversation has gone to the fishes."
"I don't trust that sun."
I fail to see your logic there, Augustine...
Augustine also fails to answer the question as to why this webcomic slipped in its schedule... AGAIN.
...Or maybe it doesn't. Wow, Juanita, you're calmer than normal today.
Don't burst in like that, Augustine. It grinds Juanita's gears when you do that.
Hey, Juanita, ever consider using a fishing net instead of a rod? You’ll have more dinner.
"It starts..." - Timon, The Lion King
"...Again!" - Me

After a long hiatus, I'm returning! A lot of things were on my mind lately - what job should I get? Why can't I draw a car? Why can't I ever make money? How will I make it in this world?! - but for now, I'm gonna work through this. I've restarted work on this comic, and now, you should expect to see new pages every Thursday. Also, I'm only gonna upload this comic on SmackJeeves from now on. I find it easier to navigate than ComicFury, and it has more *ongoing comics.* Hint, hint.

Anyway, here is the cover to the third chapter of this webcomic. It's a pretty short chapter, mainly serving to lead into why Ashanti is such a stiff character. Well, we'll all see...
Thus concludes Chapter 2 of Adventures of Henry the Mole. The questions Henry asks shall be answered soon enough.

Sadly, this means that this comic will go on another hiatus. I'm working on Chapter 4 as I type this; I already completed Chapter 3, but it's a bit shorter than this and Chapter 4, so I'll devote the time to working on the comic. Until then, keep checking back!

Don't look at her like that, Henry.
Henry, Henry, Henry. Don't force yourself on Ms. Stone like that. Can't you see she's a basket case?

Again, sorry for the schedule slip. I've been busy searching for jobs to help me support this webcomic. I still am, but I'll make time to upload this webcomic as scheduled. Only a few pages left in the chapter, anyway, so it shouldn't be so hard.

Also, Happy (belated) New Year, everybody!
You'd best do what she says, Henry; the exterminators on Claw Island all have A+ BBB ratings!
Anyone who's read my previous webcomic, "Skeeter!" (it's up on ComicFury: should know who Pam Stone is. Ms. Stone actually made very few appearances on "Skeeter," but she's going to play a major role in this webcomic, as you can see. Henry's in for the ride of his life now that she's here!

Also, I'm REALLY sorry for the skip the last two weeks. I had way too many things on my mind (namely, finals and job hunting), but fortunately, I'm off for some time; though I'm still on the lookout for a job, I'll continue to make time for "Adventures of Henry the Mole" (that is, if I can *use* this site in the future given today's news...). Enjoy this week's installment!