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Cafe au Lait

Welcome to the café!

A four-panel comic strip, serving sweetness and stupidity.
But not cats. We don't serve cats.

(Currently on break.)


Recent Comments

* when you released milks pajamas have cookies on them *
Lmao I'm crying right now.
This is tooooo frikin' cute!!
It almost made me litiratly vomit out all my anger!!
Is Cara part dragon too?
Why can he breath fire?!
Also can I have a croissant and a baguette?
Thanks! 🥐🥖
Why are you so darn cute milk?!
Coffee is an adorable guy.
Also, did anyone else notice that if you add up the amount of cakes, Coffe ate seven cakes?!
Ah so cute! I want to hug them all!
The level of cute is more than 9000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! owo
Volt the fox :3
December 28th, 2018
OMG, they look so cute!!!!!! :3
I'm soft...leave me alone
Well I know what my new profile pic is! ( if you'll allow it that is)
… *sits and all of sudden explode via cuteness*
Coffee is learning to express more, hurray!
Having the friends that he does is his luckiest break ever :):)

Ps-- Have a happy break time, you've more than earned one!
This is so cute, do not leave us without the pure cuteness for too long.
EEEEEE! So cute!! If I was stranded on an island with this comic I would be fine
So CUTE! Nya~

Enjoy the Break.

also THANK YOU for leaving this on such a sweet note omg
enjoy your break !!
this is it,, this is all I've ever needed,,,,, cuteness,,,,,,,,,
happy 100th comic strip!
Hope the hiatus won't be too long. Gotta get that cuteness fix.
Not only is this the most Coffee has spoken in a single page, it is also the most adorable page yet.