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Cafe au Lait

Welcome to the café!

A four-panel comic strip, serving sweetness and stupidity.
But not cats. We don't serve cats.


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I love how Caramel just rolled with his nonsense, in all honesty.
Maybe I'm over thinking things but
In the first panel lime has bags under his eyes is that from the last strip lime was in?
òwó): grrr
August 4th, 2018
c o f f e e o n m i l k !!!
August 4th, 2018
Words cannot express the cuteness overload that has just occurred.
Well folks
u know what time it is...Shall we call them kitkat? Perhaps café au lait? Or well...any other ideas?
August 4th, 2018
Good save
August 2nd, 2018
awwwwwww, coffee, bby, this is so cute ow my heart
The young padawan has learned well
Caramel 2.0
Ah yes
[long pause] I knew this day was coming...(with the name of the comic and everything)...*inhales* COFFEE AND MILK ARE HOLDING HANDS!!!!
*Jaws theme plays, but it's done entirely in cat sounds.*
They're coming closer! And they're adorable!
In my mind, those kitties are just bouncing along without bending their legs. It is adorable and I love it.
July 28th, 2018
a w e c o f f e e

sweet boii just wants milk not to get in trouble aaaaaa
chuggs, chuggs, chuggs, chugga, mew! mew!
July 28th, 2018
This comic is too cute! Those poor little kittens just wanna hang with their buddy Milk
Lol the panels 3 & 4 are hilarious xD