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Transparently dishonest, for sure.

I wonder if Donny Buttocks will just hire an actual clown to be the next Press Secretary.
Today's comic was inspired by a tweet from Roland Scahill @rolandscahill
June 13th, 2019
Yes, I missed a day yesterday. It's not always fun 'n games doing this comic, and sometimes you just need a day off.
My pal, Alan Truong, helped me out again while I was out of town. Check out his webcomic at
I think he would like it, too.
And it killed that many twice, if I recall correctly, and did so just after a Crusade. More recently, the Spanish Flu wiped out something like 20M worldwide, also in conjunction with a massive war. There is a pattern here: stupidity, leads to war and death, leads to disease and death. Answer: don't give into stupidity.
Go get your kids vaccinated already.
I'm stuck on a business trip without my stuff to make these comics, so my pal Alan made this strip. When he's not bailing my ass out, Alan is making his own webcomic over at
And Dirty Donnie IS a "person of color": spray-on-tan orange flabby skin, and blood-in-the-piss yellow hair transplants.
Well, he gave bogus excuses about bone spurs and insulting rationalizations about STDs being his "personal Vietnam."
Today's comic is based off of an Instagram post from @middleageriot
I've been meaning to draw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for awhile now. She makes a nice addition to the family here.
Joke idea came from Alan Truong via
Also Stranger Things 3, Westworld III, Clone Wars season 7.
@DalekBeifong: Oops. I corrected it. Thanks for the catch.
May 14th, 2019
Why does Obama have Hillary's pfp? XD
Yep. We're in Civil Wars: Episode III--Revenge of the South. This means that if we somehow survive the Evil Prolaptic TrumpIre, we have the First Order on the horizon. Start looking for jobs in Canada or Europe.
Today's tweet came from Daniel Silvermint @DSilvermint
And 1985 was the year he destroyed the USFL. 30 years later he decided to try and destroy the US of A.
Well, he's never going to apologize to us for selling his soul to the (orange) Devil, so this is the best we'll get.