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Mya's Tale

Mya is a Mew who doesn't know much about herself. She seems okay with it, but she goes far away to find her family. When she returns home, she's accompanied by a Riolu, Derek, and still trying to help a restless dark Mew, Nia.

= (tries) Updating every weekend! =


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I know her scarf has pocet dimation hthingy in it
@xLollyx: first thing i saw
use thick paper its better than a computer
June 4th, 2017
Naplan. I remember that. *SIGH*
I can relate
Got motivation back on Monday still takes effort to actually decide to do it :,D
May 13th, 2017
The sentiments of every comic writer EVER. XD
May 13th, 2017
so true
Happy almost Mother's Day to you too!~

And lol, love the mini comic
May 13th, 2017
no update this week!
Sorry! Had Naplan week (these super duper important tests) and I just wanna rest from straining my brain :'D
And happy Mother's Day! tomorrow is Mothers Day for meee
this post is too cute you cannot look away
@Darvin: dont worry changed it XD
May 8th, 2017
not much but enough to make me happy ;D
@TheJGamer: thanks! XD

good to see that ur back
No cringe on this page.
Oh my goooood
(I'm cringing at this page lol)