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Let's Make a Comic!

Let's Make a Comic!

by Mouse Potato
It's a meta-comic about producing our other comic "Darkness Visible" which can be found at
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12 Months Ago

Let's Make a Comic!

It's a meta-comic about producing our other comic "Darkness Visible" which can be found at

Recent Comments

Mouse Potato
September 19th, 2018
Don't argue with the artist yo. He might erase your face. Bro. I been watching all kinds a rap vidja's. An I gotta say som a them rhyme's is hidjus. Don't care what they here to tell me, just here to dis Kelly, got that machine gun fire, till were down on the wire let the beat go on da da dum da dum you better lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go. Wait, wrong song. I'm done. First off, I ain't a rapper, so why you rappin' at me. Second I ain't a rapper. SO why you rappin' at me. I'm tired guys. It's like two weeks into school and I'm so tired. For like no reason. Quality COmics coming I promise. -Shawn

Do you sometimes feel like you're having an existential crisis when you write these? -Silas
No, material possessions don't actually make you happy but they do make you excited. They also allow you to try some new things that the old computer just couldn't handle. Unfortunately I tried an updated Krita for today and the problem with text boxes isn't fixed which means I just need to leave it behind. But it was good when it was good and for that I'm very thankful. Don't expect updates to actually become regular. I make 0 promises until school starts back up. Peace famsquad. -Shawn

Heyo! I'm alive and well. And Also super exhausted and whatnot. Basically camp is long and tiring. But very worthwhile. Which today's comic has nothing to do about. I think we live in a culture that censors too much and also not enough. Which is insanely frustrating. Like I dunno, there's just too much going on I think. Like my friend told me they were working at an all inclusive camp. Everyone was welcome except Jesus. Which is like not quite inclusive. And then my friends were told that they would be infringing on the rights of others by sharing their faith. But being told not to talk is like an infringement on rights. So that's also a thing. Anyway have fun. -Shawn

HE DOES EXIST! -Silas (Still on hiatus by the way)
Mouse Potato
August 6th, 2018
RIP my future in comics. Camp is my only excuse. I drew a page once and just never uploaded it. Here let me do that now. Or later. I'll try to soon. It's on paper. And I don't have it with me.
Mouse Potato
July 14th, 2018
Tick tock
Its Update O'clock,

Haha Just joking I've been on hiatus for like 5 months...

help me
Mouse Potato
June 22nd, 2018
Look here Shawn,
Over on the far right, the panel looks funny.It
Seems intentional, but I don't get it
Mouse Potato
June 20th, 2018
So Krita is different now and the text tool is literal satan. Can't shape your text box and can't move one section of text without moving the others. Also my tablet is acting up and my computer won't register that it's hooked up so I can't change the settings I need to in order to fix it. Sad day. Anyway, Silas and I skyped recently. Neither of us really look like we do on this page I swear. -Shawn

I look worse every time you draw me -Silas
Yeah I had to do today's by hand but it's there and technically it's still Wednesday so I win. And I understand what that word means in Hebrew. Nothing stings more than trying to spend 10 minutes looking for the translation of a word that actually just means understanding. Like if I understood what it meant I would have understood what it meant ya know? Heck, it's passed my bedtime but I'm still doing homework. Happy Wednesday, I hope you wore your wolf shirts. I sure did! -Shawn

Look at my new page! But like just Shawn because I sent it to him. everyone else has to wait. -Silas
Proud of you Shawn. Bless your soul.
hooooo boi. I'm exhausted. Spending all day with a weedwhacker will take a lot out of you but it also just hurts. They say it looks better though. SO I guess there's that. I hope this series of non-sequitur images helps you grasp how my day feels. Except this skips over all the Hebrew parts. Oh yeah, I'm learning Hebrew by the way. It's not as cool as Greek but it's okay. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight. -Shawn

3 HOURS! -Silas
Wow we're getting back in a habit! It's nice to be getting back in a schedule for my day to day. Balancing working, taking a summer class, and doing extra stuff is tricky and I might start drawing some of my daily stories for you. Like today I fell through a deck! That hurt a bit but it was exciting! Also I don't have a comb right now which means that despite appearances my hair is not orderly and put together which is terrible because too thick and long to manage. Kind of like a paragraph that never seems to end and just keeps going because you don't want to hit send on that text and really share your mind but you really do. I need to read a book or something. Or talk philosophy for a while. Or get out more. But that's a story for another time. I'm still gonna send it though. -Shawn

Yenno I really wanted to say that I don't talk like that but I guess sometimes I do. So it's okay I guess. -Silas

(#Yenno is the new slick)
BOOOOOOO! This was an awful drawing experience. I think what happened is my hands were sweaty and it was screwing up the tablet sensor but it was really hard to draw under the circumstances. Which is sad. Because I finally had some time. Hopefully sometime soon I can just sit and draw a few pages to prepare for the future. Things are going to be busy this summer and I may just need to go on hiatus until fall but we'll talk about that later. In the meantime keep your head up kid. You're gonna go far. And I'm probably going to go to bed. But we all have our own dreams amiright? -Shawn
I do 5x20 strips. And low-key forgot yesterday was Wednesday and was going to do one today because I realized at like 4 that it was Thursday today. Many thanks for the wonderful gift. Your font is better then mine. <3

Oh! also I have no idea what kinda sizing Shawn does for his comics so i just guessed. It's a little off but I'm sure he will forgive me... I hope
Silas (again)
So Shawn was busy this week so i decided to surprise him by making an update here. No, I'm not dead, and no there probably wont be anything added to Explorers incorporated for a while... Sorry friends. We're trying to learn from our mistakes and make a better page buffer this time! I don't know when it will be ready, but I'm hoping that when we are back we are back for a while before we need to buffer again.
We will update reliably, but today is not that day.
(because it's a Thursday and this comic is supposed to update on Wednesdays SHAWN)

With no real aggression intended,
Yup. Love to say more, got lots to do tonight. Have a swell day. Don't expect posts in the early afternoon anymore. Thanks bye. Gotta blast! -Shawn

"Hey, don't forget to-" -Silas
May 2nd, 2018
I keep coming back to this a re-reading your comment and thinking about how well you know me. Even the way you typed my "WOw!" is accurate. Miss you! Keep up the great work!
Wow. I haven't actually drawn a page in a while now. Super out of practice with the tablet. Anyway, another year at school has come and gone. Silas and I are back in our respective homes and hopefully we can maintain some regularity over the summer. I'm in the process of updating how I draw people and I haven't decided quite what I want it to be like yet. That's all for today. -Shawn

Why do I look like a woman? -Silas
Today is late because I forgot it was Wednesday. Also there's a guest artist. Today you get a drawing by my good friend Em Currie who is pretty much the coolest. What you see above is a road trip to Banff and also a bucket of paint that would have killed me. This particular work was drawn in my year book which is cool. You just get a mediocre photo of it. -Shawn

I'll draw one day. -Silas

WOw! -Em