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Leon Hanson, a 19 year old young man sees no purpose in his life. With no goal in mind and a constant feeling of hopelessness hanging over him, he doesn't expect anything good from life at this point.
Yet after an encounter with Axel Bayer, a 21 year old college student, his life changes. (BL) (Read LEFT to RIGHT)
(conatains suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, self harm)

Please read on Tapastic and DevianArt!

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same girl
@NekoSeiboy: Yeeee, you gave me the idea also cool
10 points to gryffindor aka me also your welcome. fun fact i made a depression vid on my channel ok i shouldn't have said fun fact i apologize
@PastaFearFactory: ha ok :). want to hear something interesting do you know where the term blood on your hands comes from
@NekoSeiboy: didn't really think about that, but possibly~
Nice splash of colour there.
what fill let me guess is it IT that's coming out soon
@PastaFearFactory: no prob Nora sorry for the wait. how you been
this webcomic is so good
@SayaU: thanks!
@NekoSeiboy: do tell me when you do, night
@PastaFearFactory: if i do make a web comic ill tell you. k anyway its 1 am i better go to bed night.
@NekoSeiboy: I guess so
@PastaFearFactory: don't you think its better to rather give a friend happiness than have it all to myself