While on his evening walk, Axel Bayer finds a figure stood on the bridge, ready to jump. (BL)
(read left to right, it's not manga)

(contains suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, self harm)

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@Seve: Hot chocolate beats other hot drinks
I'm about to hit thirty and pretty sure I'll love hot chocolate for the rest of my time on this Earth.
Thank you! I've been good, what about you?
February 17th, 2017
story's looking good so far. how you been pasta
@Seve: literally me
February 16th, 2017
Easy, guys. Coffee solves everything.
@NekoSeiboy: that's fne, I'll try to read them when I have the time
@PastaFearFactory: sorry on how many there are. i checked if i can donate
@PastaFearFactory: sorry for the wait. there's Inneko,one rainy day,P+T,Shiori,Lost Nightmare,Clementation,white heart,you are my master rebel prince. there all on smack Jeeves there's also seiyuu crush that's not on smack Jeeves sorry to say.
@NekoSeiboy: sure, which comics do you recommend?
@PastaFearFactory: yeah same like for a film i care about the actor as long as the story is good. if you want me to recommend webcomics don't hesitate to ask. k
@NekoSeiboy: I mostly read stuff on tapastic, one of my favs is "purgatory" by Holly Brown but I also follow "My trash Boyfriend" and stuff like that, so pretty much I like anything with a nice story (preferably with drama in it)
@PastaFearFactory: that's fair . what webcomics do you read if your ok with me asking
@NekoSeiboy: well right now I'm just trying to get out the whole 1st chapter or so, to get the story started. After that I'd probably update 2-3 times a week. Right now though, I've been very motivated and have drawn so many pages in a few days XD
ill take it's going to be like a one page daily or 2. if so wouldn't that take a lot of time out of your life for work/school
@NekoSeiboy: I haven't finished Syndicate yet but yeah idk it's not that good
@PastaFearFactory: fair enough i didn't enjoy AC syndicate
@NekoSeiboy: I love all the games from the 1st to the 3rd, not a big fan of the 4th XD
@PastaFearFactory: yeah i basically grew up with assassins creed still think assassins creed 2 is my favourite