Leon Hanson, a 19 year old young man sees no purpose in his life. With no goal in mind and a constant feeling of hopelessness hanging over him, he doesn't expect anything good from life at this point.
Yet after an encounter with Axel Bayer, a 21 year old college student, his life changes. (BL) (Read LEFT to RIGHT)
(conatains suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, self harm)

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@NekoSeiboy: do tell me when you do, night
@PastaFearFactory: if i do make a web comic ill tell you. k anyway its 1 am i better go to bed night.
@NekoSeiboy: I guess so
@PastaFearFactory: don't you think its better to rather give a friend happiness than have it all to myself
@NekoSeiboy: if you say so
@PastaFearFactory: fair fair watching mob psycho 100 right now someone wants me to take a look at Amnesia so yeah. and i have videos to uplode to YouTube so yay me
@PastaFearFactory: last time i drew was 3-4 years ago plus i have some 2 friends who like to draw so it would be nice to get one or both of them involved wouldn't you think Nora
@NekoSeiboy: haven't watched a lot recently, dunno. I'm still stuck loving death note XD
@PastaFearFactory: k now i just have to try and not forget. how you been seen any good anime/manga's lately
@NekoSeiboy: you should totally work on making one! Nobody starts off with great art, but what's important is starting.
@PastaFearFactory: no problem. I would love to make a comic/manga im good at making story's but i can't draw so its like being stuck in a hole with wood but have nothing to tie it with
@NekoSeiboy: Thanks! And yeah, it's fine
nice art Nora you all good with me calling you Nora
@NekoSeiboy: there will be more soon, thank you for reading!
@boiseboo: Hehe you'll have to wait and see~
looks like he gets beaten up from his farther or mother or both and he couldn't take it anymore until he met Axel well played PastaFear. hmm think i know how this could go but need more data on the story
Looks like there is someone there? Do they really care though, or do they make his life hell. from the look on his face I'm gonna say they make his life hell.
I think I tried to upload the wrong file, anyway, got it fixed
@WindowMaker: yeah same you may want to fix that Nora
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