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The Red Day

The Red Day is a fantasy story, going on in a not so distant future when, after a devastating event that became known as the Red Day, things started to change, with some people attaining special abilities: the Modified.
Because of these changes, fear started to grow, with normal people shunning the modified and sympathetics to a remote island, under the care of the military.
Taken by a desire of freedom, a group on the island decide to try and escape it, having to face the world and even their own selves to be able to get away.


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April 22nd, 2017
this page took me more time to finish than I thought it would take. I wasn't happy with the choice of colours in the last pages so I'm trying to do some changes.
March 27th, 2017
This is the Journal. At the end of every chapter more pages of it will be revealed. I created it in order to help the better understanding of the story as a whole.
@mckee11223: You'll find out... or not ;)
No! Is he going to become one of them?
@Karubario: Another thing I forgot to mention is that the art style reminds me of this game called "Valiant Hearts." It's beautiful. Really.
@mckee11223: Oh thank you man, that means a lot to me. Really. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Wow! Your comic is so new, but it has such a cool story and art style! I have no doubts that this will become one of the best comics on this site!
Peace out! Your new loyal supporter, ~mckee11223
Thanks for checking
Hello, I'm Murilo and I'm new to the webcomic scene. This is my first project so I hope you bear that in mind while reading.
Thanks once again for checking out my comic.
I'd like to thank a close friend of mine for helping me with the translation, so... thank you.