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Household Slime Mold

An urban fantasy comic set in a world of magic, monsters, and other mundane things.
The story follows a nymph named Mildew, an aspiring but quick tempered witch. When she convinces the gruff angel Chancel to be her mentor in magic, it seemed like it would be fun spending her days studying with his other pupil, the laid back satyr Ramparts. Unfortunately for her, learning magic led Mildew into more trouble than she hoped.

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Y'know, I'm curious. Both Pen and Mil have one side of their face covered by something. Pen only has one eye, does that hold true for Mil as well, or am I looking too much into things again? :v
@Meta-Akira: Lol, minor spoilers, but Chancel's just a forgetful dude XD
@marshman101: Thank you! <3
Well, this is an unexpected development.
Pretending it didn't happen? Split personalities? Convenient amnesia? A secret test of character?
Possibilities abound (or I'm going too in-depth)
@NessieFynn: omfg im crying
this story is cool and that rat is adorable
Darn gremlins. Don't people know not to feed those things after midnight?
@Glermon: Violet is very cute when she isn't 20 feet tall!
@Meta-Akira: Ahhhh whoops! You're the first person to pint that out, thank you! XD
And I'm really glad you liked it! There's a lot more I have planned, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy! :)
Just a heads up on a typo- weird does not apply to the "i before e" rule, I guess it's just weird like that.

Lovely first chapter, looking forward to more!
oh my gosh that is adorable~
Hhhhhh, Ramparts is adorable
@Meta-Akira: All goats are adorable, and Ramparts is no exception! ;)
Also I literally just now figured out that Ramparts' name is a freaKING PUN I JUST
Ramparts is adorable. ;v;
You know. The normal, appropriate response to a multi-eyed rat enlarging to the size of a minivan.
@Meta-Akira: Maybe if she hits it again the art will get better
@Meta-Akira: Omg, thank you so much! Haha, I was still trying to find my style at this point in the comic so that's really flattering! ;v;
Goodness gracious, I love your art style.
Hit her head so hard, she's seeing in color now.