Household Slime Mold

Household Slime Mold is an urban fantasy comic set in a world of monsters and other mundane things. The story follows a nymph named Mildew, an aspiring but quick tempered witch. When she convinces the gruff angel Chancel to be her mentor in magic, it seemed like it would be fun spending her days studying with his other pupil, the laid back satyr Ramparts. Unfortunately for her, learning magic led Mildew into more trouble than she hoped.

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You know. The normal, appropriate response to a multi-eyed rat enlarging to the size of a minivan.
@Meta-Akira: Maybe if she hits it again the art will get better
@Meta-Akira: Omg, thank you so much! Haha, I was still trying to find my style at this point in the comic so that's really flattering! ;v;
Goodness gracious, I love your art style.
Hit her head so hard, she's seeing in color now.
Thank you! I'm going to be posting a page everyday until I have the comic caught up here, so the wait won't be long! C:
oh goodness, that's not good!

can't wait to see what happens next!! c:
a big toothy smile : D
tossing leaves: the hippest new sport
just gotta stretch out those feathers yknow
oh hey color

the comics gonna look like this from now on fellas, hope yall like it
new character who dis