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by carbonatedking
The week after Axill turns 18 his crush moves away to Canada and his Dad tells him that he's not human. As if becoming an adult wasn't weird enough on it's own.
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The week after Axill turns 18 his crush moves away to Canada and his Dad tells him that he's not human. As if becoming an adult wasn't weird enough on it's own.

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@Jazmin Zombie: That one seems to be popular lol
My fave page is 33(chapter1 page 17)
@IronDog: I’m sure he will be! Haha. I’m excited for everyone to see what happens towards the end of the chapter though @.@

Also, thank you! I’m happy you like the drawing ^.^
I'm nervous too but hopefully the prince will be a useful ally!

And congratulations on 1,000 readers! The picture is more than enough of a celebration in my view :3
The giveaway will last until the next page comes out (About a week) so please feel free to participate ^.^

To enter, comment with your favorite page of the comic or your favorite "extra" drawing that I've posted!

I will be using a random generator to choose 3 winners, and you can choose between the 3 prize options above!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and see you next week!
I still can't believe we finally hit 1k (on Tapas lol) !!!

I cannot fully express how much your support means to me, and I hope to share this story with more and more people in the future!

I'm also posting the 1K giveaway so make sure to check that out! :)
GUYS I HIT 1K OVER ON TAPAS!!!! I'm so EXCITED! That means we've hit giveaway territory! If you have any ideas for prizes (chibis, busts, speedpaints, etc.) let me know in the comments! It has to be something I can draw though, so no physical items ;-;

I'll be putting up a celebratory drawing of Axill and Sunny over the weekend, and that'll also be the official giveaway announcement! So I'll see you then ^.^
I've been meaning to say this for a while, but I finally found a job! \o/
I got drug tested yesterday so you know it's official lmao

Hope you're all having a good week and I'll see you all next time!
@IronDog: Thank you! I'm hoping for the best @@
All of the best with your other project!
I have a feeling you can probably come up with its a better plan, dudes XD
I have some news for you all. I'm starting to work on a side project with a friend of mine, so I'll only be posting a page a week for a while...I know, it sucks, but this project could potentially lead to money so I'm going to invest some time in it lol @@

Anyway, hope you have a good week and see you next time!
Can we take a second to appreciate Wicke on this page? A+ Cutie

On a side note, it's been so hot lately that one day I might just melt lol. Hope you're all keeping cool!
So, this week was surprisingly busy for me! My Mom was visiting so thankfully I got at least one page done lol

I noticed we've been at the precipice of 1K for the past 2 months, but I hope you guys are excited for when it actually happens!

Anyway, have a good weekend and see you next week!
Can you tell they're gay

I know it's already the end of the month, but I figured any time is good to show pride lol.

I was going to do the whole group, since it would be more diverse, but I got lazy >.>

I'll draw more of them next year
I'm finding a groove with pages, and can confidently say that I should be posting about twice a week for the rest of the summer!

Hope you guys are finding this plot okay! I promise there's going to be a lot of romance coming up but we have to set it up first lol. The rebellion is the biggest plot point for this comic so that's why it's taking so long @@
@deee45: You'd be surprised what fear can do lol
He won't go along with it. He cares for the guy.
Elaborate? I think you meant crazy @.@

What do you guys think, is he going to go along with this?
HUUGE THANKS to the sponsor for this page: Gabriel Richard! This page would've taken another 2 weeks if it hadn't been for you! <3

Also, as a gentle reminder I have a twitter! I post art and rant and also give updates for the comic! My handle is @ carbonatedking ^.^

Anyway, have a good night and see you next time! :)