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Freak Sabre

Freak Sabre

by NinjaPierre
This is the story of one of the most powerful Swords ever created, and an unsuspecting boy who stumbles across it. The sword grants him special abilities, which is something he has always dreamed of obtaining. Little did he know, however, that his new powers would bring him into a battle against some of the strongest evil forces of the universe! Evil Forces that have been searching millenia for the weapon he now wields!

Updates every Saturday!
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Freak Sabre

This is the story of one of the most powerful Swords ever created, and an unsuspecting boy who stumbles across it. The sword grants him special abilities, which is something he has always dreamed of obtaining. Little did he know, however, that his new powers would bring him into a battle against some of the strongest evil forces of the universe! Evil Forces that have been searching millenia for the weapon he now wields!

Updates every Saturday!

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dont stop man, your arts sooo GOOD
Hello all! Thanks so much for reading so far! I will be on vacation the next 2 weekends. So, next week's post will probably come a little early, and the week after that will come a little late. However, this story is about to get crazy, so it will totally be worth it! If you have some time, let me know what you think of the story so far in the comments! Thanks again, and see ya soon! :)
Dewicidal Tendencies....
...To Dew, or not to Dew? What is the meaning of Dew? Forty Dew? It is always darkest before the Dew! Can Dew create a Dew that even Dew cannot Do? Can you do the Dew? Is there really even a point in going to Taco Bell when they are out of Baja Blast?! Who is "Harvey Pekar"?....
And here's......
....this week's comic page, displaying the amalgamation of this unexpected meal shared between 2 complete strangers; their disparate personalities are already building a ruckus impending tension.

I won't elaborate too much about on this page, besides the fact that I am pretty proud of some of the intricacies of the characters' expressions displayed within this scene! Focusing on expression, and other character building details, aids in the act of engrossing your readers into your Comic Book World, in my humble opinion. My biggest inspirations for awesomely expressive comic book character details are probably the legendary Spawn Pencilers, Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo! Looking at their 90's Spawn Comics, you can see so much expression and character in the hundreds of details drafted into each character's face! (Side Note: One time, I received Greg Capullo's Autograph at a Con, and I bought a twist ice-cream cone about 10 seconds afterwords! It was like one of the best few minute segments of my life! :D) Let me know if you draw inspiration from any Artist's ability to display Expression, down below in comment-ville.

In other news, it was pretty cool how i used the word amalgamation early on in this comment, right?! :P Speaking of amalgamation, who remembers that old DC/Marvel Comics Crossover series "Amalgam"? If you don't know it, look it up. Some seriously awesome cross-ovary super heroic goodness there! Ah, when mainstream comics were fun.....sigh....

And meanwhile, in the real world, I just saw Wonder Woman! Like literally an hour ago! It was so great! I am a really big DC comic and movie fan, and this was such a perfect addition to their current movie universe! It was pretty much everything that I was hoping to see in "The First Avenger", and more! See it DUUUUUUUUUUDES!!!!!!!

Alright, well thanks for reading, and see you next week freaks! ;D
Bippity Boppity
So, this page was fun, as I wanted to showcase just how obnoxious this Blind Date Guy really is! I also love the idea of one so proudly dancing and singing scat while walking up to a complete stranger, as I seriously doubt I would ever have the confidence to do such a thing!

I also enjoy putting the reader into this point of view behind a character, like in the first panel of this comic. It is probably not too apparent here, but I typically am thinking of 3rd person video game point of views when drafting these kinds of panels. The crossover of Video Game references and story telling techniques into comics always excites me (shout out to Scott Pilgrim, Legacy, etc...), and I plan to subtly place (or not so subtly in some cases) many video game influenced aspects into the ambiance of this comic as it continues. So keep an eye out! ;)

Lastly, I should probably reference the convention mentioned in my comic page comment from last week. I did in fact make it out to Anime Central last weekend, though I was only able to make it on Sunday. It was totally fun to be back in that atmosphere again, and I saw some really impressive cosplay as well (despite it being Sunday!). There were really only 2 aspects of the show that I was disappointed with, however.

1.) There were little to no used manga booths, which is typically the biggest reason I enjoy attending this convention. Always on the search for cheap reading material, I was just a little disappointed that the secondary manga market did not seem to have as big of a presence this year at the con. Luckily, I was able to find some great reading material in the form of independent comics though (which are the best kind of comics :D)!

2.) This leads into my next point though; what was the deal with Artist Alley this year?! I felt like Mr. Incredible trying to squeeze through that door in Syndromes base while I was walking through those narrow aisles! The convention really dropped the ball with trying to support independent artists this year, as they tried to shove too many artists into such a small space. Like I said before, I was able to pick up a few independent comics that I enjoy from Artist Alley. However, there was a whole aisle of artists that I wasn't even able to see, due to the crowd completely blocking off the aisle worse than Mr. Burn's 3 Stooges Syndrome! I really hope this aspect of the convention improves next year, so they can properly host the great artists who serve as such a draw to the attendees.

There were some really neat additions to the convention though! There was a cool Cosplay Photo Backdrop that you could have your picture taken in front of, which would result in a photo that would place you into an Old Timey Japan! I hope they add 1 or 2 more photo backgrounds next year, in order to give a background that any cosplay can fit into (I feel that adding a Medieval Fantasy backdrop and a Science Fiction backdrop would allow backdrops that nearly any cosplay would look at home in).

And lastly, the crowd was awesome as always! I do plan on going back, and hopefully having a booth at a future convention as long as their artist alley improves.

Any way, thanks for not TLDRing, and have a great holiday weekend! See you next week with more of the tiny little pictures that I draw! :D
and so.....
IT HAS BEGUN!!!!! Our Horror Host has lead us into a slow night in an unusual cafe, and it is here that the events of this tale commence!

It is actually difficult to say too much about this page. However, I am pretty excited about this fabricated cafe! Even though it's your typical 50's inspired diner, there's a subtle medieval motif that will be carried throughout the restaurant. Said motif will surely be more apparent in future pages/issues. Regardless, I thought I would denote this early enough to allow for the possibility of the reader to spot the Easter Eggs as future pages drop!

On a slightly related note. Always pay attention to your backgrounds when making comics, kids! It really helps bring the viewer into the scene, not to mention the cinematographic presentation of your story! Furthermore, world building is so fun! You get to sketch and plan all these radical lands that you wish actually existed. Then, you get to allow their existence in your comic's crazy imaginary world! So here is the first appearance of my "Chubbies" in this story (please excuse the random "Boy Meets World" reference).

Who knows though? I could decide this cafe is stupid, and never have it show up past this scene! :P

Meanwhile, in the real world: I'm hoping to make it out to Anime Central next weekend for at least one day. Which means, Blog Post with Pictures?!

Thanks for reading Dudes, and see you next week!
Page 3!
Did you all have a good week?! Here is the next page of this story. Classic horror comics like Tales From the Crypt and Creepy have always been a huge influence on me, and I was thinking a lot about those comics as I drew this page. Because I enjoy the idea immensely, I wanted to set up an actual character as a narrator to this story, and it makes it way cooler when that character is a crazy monster dude! Haha. Plus, the fact that I enjoy story telling as well, causes me to enjoy characters like the Crypt Keeper sometimes more than the main characters of a lot of comics.

So there you go jerks. You zapped this fiend out of his nice little death nap that he was enjoying, and now he has to regale you with the tale that you all have came here to read! Enjoy, and see you next week with another page!

Do you enjoy any old EC Comics titles like the ones I mentioned above? If not, what are your favorite Horror Comics. Feel free to join the comment section below, and let me know.
....And that's all you get for now! :P I will be posting another page this Saturday! Leave a comment below, and let me know what you think so far! And again, thanks for reading! See you next time, same @#$%&$ time, same &^%$%@ channel!!!
It has Begun!!!!!!
It's finally here! This is a story that I have been sitting on for years, and I am pumped to finally bring it to life! This Comic will be published to look just like the floppy comics that I loved while growing up. Each issue will have interior and exterior covers, as well as some fun extras in the back! It updates every Saturday, and I plan on posting frequent Blogs too! Thanks so much for reading!