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After The Ashes

A White 2 Nuzlocke

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Favorite Unova starter!
Oh shit
I really do apologize for not updating the comic on here. I will try to do better from here on out to update the comic here when I post the pages on DeviantArt. To catch up with where the comic currently is, I will be updating this comic biweekly, Tuesday and Friday. If you'd like you can also find me on Da, LitheFry, and read all the pages currently out. Again, my apologies for neglecting After the Ashes on this site.
October 28th, 2017
It's okay, I thought you had quit so I'm happy to see you're back!
Also the characters actually gave personalities
Seems interesting artworks unique alright I'm hooked waiting for the next update
October 27th, 2017
I kind of forgot I made a SmackJeeves for After the Ashes. Sorry to those who were reading it on here TnT