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Holly's Art, Doodles, and Other Stuff

Hey, hello, welcome to proof that I honestly have too much time on my hands. There's stuff in here that is pretty edgy, you have been warned. I basically just shove my art into here that i dont include in my comics. Enjoy! (i guess)

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lmao look another pandora alt
but here she at

she cri
@ShadowStalker1128: CRI TY,,,
im yelling louder wrow i just realized how much harder it is to use touchpad than tablet-
Only when it works
When it doesn't it's a curse

That looks so good,,,
im gonna scream pen pressure is a blessing to this world
infinity girl does an infinity glare
May 1st, 2019
@WiispNightmare: oh darn-

April 30th, 2019
Didn't make it there

I did fanart though!

babi gorl

she's from an upcoming comic and uhh yeah
Good stuff?
Like sad but
holly. that. is. GREAT
god it’s so poetic and pretty and smooth ajdjjsd i loveeee
uh so our teacher had us write kinda informal sonnets, they had to be about love, time, or beauty
so i chose all three uwu

it turned out?? ok?? i think
its mostly a vent because yknow
im gay lmao
enjoy ig

i'll have a drawing to upload here soon i swear-

I take a breath, watching crimson leaves fall
Feeling my lips twitch with words left unsaid.
Then ice bites at me until I feel small
But I won't say a word until I'm dead.
And soft blue skies make me think of your eyes.
My heart beats faster when you're here with me.
Your smile shines brighter than the sunrise.
Even without you, you're all I can see.

And just like that, seasons came and went.
Longing a feeling I knew all about.
I won't say a word, no, I won't relent.
I took in a breath; I won't let it out.

I close my eyes after watching you go.
Whisper "I love you", but you'll never know.
@ultrawandit: fucking mood tbh
straight as a circle