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Holly's Art, Doodles, and Other Stuff

Hey, hello, welcome to proof that I honestly have too much time on my hands. There's stuff in here that is pretty edgy, you have been warned. I basically just shove my art into here that i dont include in my comics. Enjoy! (i guess)

Recent Comments

@Glitchionius: my nose takes up like half of my face-

but ty hhh!!
@HollyTheFluffyCat: this is the only situation ever in which ur opinion is completely irrelevant bc no. I don’t accept this. ur cute as hell hh!!
@HollyTheFluffyCat: it is but I'm sure I can think of a better one

Something about concealment idk

I will eventually make that comic
Imma do it >:o
@pixlyJolt: <s>oh it was a work in progress</s>
@WiispNightmare: but masquerade is a nice name-
and :000
@HollyTheFluffyCat: no im more uncreative, I had a comic I was gonna make called masquerade


The main character

Had a mask,,,,,,
Now these are the kind of works I really like. Why does everything need a face? Look at Starmie. Everyone uses/used it for meta of the original games, & it's designs+moveset is amazing, yet simple!
@WiispNightmare: idk he has a mask marking im uncreative lmao-
His name
Is masquerade,,,,,,,,,,

Well brain, start storming away oof
he's a complex boy,,,,
but i love him aaAA-

so yeah i was trying to make an adopt for da but grew way too attached to the design so i just kept him
maybe?? he's a partial sona??
idk i just really,,, like,,, his design

so yeah!!
im sobbing i hate drawing fucking t r e e s
but yeah, got a burst of inspo so!! that was fun.

see drawing backgrounds is like such a roller coaster
on one hand, despite seeming annoying, drawing like every blade of grass is actually pretty relaxing
then trees are horrible
and then the sky is always so fucking stressful because like??? its like Oops everything looks weird now that the background is colored in, guESSS you gotta recolor everything

but yeah
this took like 2-3 hours thanks to that cursed bg
and 33 layers uwu
@ultrawandit: aa,,, i thamk,,,
@Glitchionius: fuck tysm,,,,, afjkm
but i am trash-
ah,,,,what a,,,,pretty,,,person,,,protect,,
hholy;; shit ur ssO??? PRETTY WTF
also holly we been knew the people who call themselves trash on the internet are the fuckign cutest so ssshutv up >:(((
@ShadowStalker1128: shUSH U HECK-
ur mean >:cccc
@Midnight-fox18: akksg-

Here she comes!!

@HollyTheFluffyCat: pffft
No, trust me, I USED to be a model as a child.
I look very different now.

Floof is good.
@zero88: aaa ty nate!!!!!