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My art and doodles

Just some random stuff I draw. Though, some may or may not tie into my comic An Eeveelution's Life. So, if you want to sort through my art to find the important pics, go ahead!


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boi that fire is incerdible

it looks just like me

and the fire tail is really cool

i should use that
What are you talking about this looks amazing to me especially the necklace and the fire LIKE TELL ME HOW YOU GOT THAT TEXTURE PLEASE???
well ok

original pic is -1.jpg

so yeah

also hhhh realized as i finisheds this litte doesn't really have a fire tail screaming

and the fire is horrible
@WildfireK: yeah lmao

and im still speechless by the last daybreaker

now to do other unfufilled requests
Oh I totaly forgot she requested this XD

Rinji Sakura-Kun seems like an entirely different person now
@LightEclipse: thanks <3
Aww thanks Holly, I try my best but you're a pretty big influence if I say so myself

Good night Holly
Sweat dreams

I'm just glad there's a Holly to talk to tomorrow
@WildfireK: jesus christ wifi hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

your the freakign best hhhhdhdksdjhnjchssdcn

how tf are you so ffffin pure and kind and shit

anyway, its midnight


im tired

im sleeping, talk to you later
We'll be your escape Holly <3
@WildfireK: oh shit sorry i was scrolling youtube
@Sky207: ok

what do you want me to say?
@Sky207: .....

well, im pretty selfish though

im aware that that could happen

but i kinda sometimes, at really dark moments, just want an escape

anyway, im borderline sucidal, if i had to give it a label

so im good

too scared to really do any action
Oh Holly, thank you so much.
@Midnight-fox18: dont worry, not dying anytime soon

well that is if i dont get in a a car crash jesus it is d a n g e r o u s here


anyways, please don't be alarmed mid

im not going anywhere
2 days ago
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Holly... if you kill yourself you will hurt people more than you hurt them when you were alive...
I'm a writer
I like long stories <3
But if you'd rather not, then that's cool