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My art and doodles

Just some random stuff I draw. Though, some may or may not tie into my comic An Eeveelution's Life. So, if you want to sort through my art to find the important pics, go ahead!


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@ShadowStalker1128: lol it's chill fren
@WildfireK: That's what Discord is for you derp XD
@zinnzinnluv: lmao thanks i guess

and oh my god thanks, um, can you draw the eevee on my prof pic please? thanks <3
Shad and I have gone over 150
That's gotta be a record
Because Shad is too awesome to miss talking to
you gotta thank Shad and Wifi for that.
CONGRATS!!!!I'm not surprised you're accepted, your art is amazing! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

also,what's scratch.
WE WUV YOU THTS Y ;W;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥

also i wanna draw something for you so you want anything?
lmao why guys
@LightEclipse: holy shit

good job mate you actually got it right lol

ahaha yeah for guessing correctly, you get a spoiler yay

flare hates bolt bcuz bolt could of taken the blow aimed for kai, and it wouldnt have hurt him that much, but he was too much of a coward

haha bolts fatal flaw
I think

@WildfireK: weeeeee
Duuude I have to go D:
Status update! :D

I am sketching Lynxie
Take a break from drawing and watching Vidclan while I eat XD