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DiS in Space

DiS in Space

by Dadaph
Embla and Panik, two Paladins of Atlantis, are on a quest to stop a mad scientist from unlocking a doomsday weapon.
But can they put their differences aside?
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DiS in Space

Embla and Panik, two Paladins of Atlantis, are on a quest to stop a mad scientist from unlocking a doomsday weapon.
But can they put their differences aside?


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@Dark/Light: He's not used to overthink things like violence. To him, Tellus might just be an old friend.
He says that so casually like "Hey Tells long time no see. How are you? Come on and join us for dinner. Oh and while you're at it would you mind not drowning my brother?"
I KNEW THEY WERE RELATED!!! just too many similarities - though I was beginning to think clones or something since they never mentioned it.
@Dark/Light: Eyes, shape of the head and noses is what I kept in mind when I designed this family. At least the father's side of it.
I can see the similarities... the hair, expressionism, and even the shape of their noses are really similar.
@Dark/Light: Aqualus is a funny guy to draw as well.
@kidcthulhu: You obviously did figure it out. Just didn't want to confirm or deny anything until this page :P
So that's why you deflected my comment on the last page with a reference to the other paladin. Well played, Dadaph ^_^
Aqualis' face in the bottom right pannel...

I cant stop laughing!!!
@kidcthulhu: Oh no, there's no way Tellus will ever make that reveal ;)
"Join me Panik and we can rule the galaxy as father and son..."
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, I've had that too. Especially if I'm out of practice with a character or a location and I have to use some old artwork as reference. I always pick the one I'm most happy with, of course, and I can never get it quite right again.
Yes, I've also had the "wow, that old stuff looks terrible!" syndrome as well as "oh man, my stuff from a last year looks so much better because I was still able to use non-photoblue pencils first!". I can't win ^_^
@Linn: It will keep us safe from zombie attacks.
@Linn: And who rides the wrecking ball in to our rock guitars?
And most importantly....Was it built on rock and roll?
I wonder if our vegetable garden will escalate into something like this...
It's the fine line between racial stereotypes and knowing how to make art which portraits them correctly. I think your art so far has done good since you never really make fun of a race. Drawing diverse people is preferable than just drawing the same over and ove. If there is something you really nail to do it is doing different looking characters!
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, I tend to hide friends or even youtubers in the background just to make it more interesting to draw. Not really much for an easter egg hunt, just because actually drawing a real person will make it feel less randomly generated. Even if I fail getting the likeness, it works.
Hiding some of my own characters in there is just something I do more for the fun of it, though. Was curious if anyone would notice Tobias and his dad. At least they're not getting killed this time :)
I hate having to do character designs for normal mundane background characters.

Hey, I see Tobias and his dad from your other comic!