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DiS in Space

DiS in Space

by Dadaph
There's a war brewing between Atlantis and Mu! Former comrades Embla, Panik and Aris are now finding themselves on three different sides of this conflict, each facing a common dilemma from a different angle.
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DiS in Space

There's a war brewing between Atlantis and Mu! Former comrades Embla, Panik and Aris are now finding themselves on three different sides of this conflict, each facing a common dilemma from a different angle.


Recent Comments

It's gotta be old Leeroy.
Trust me, I know all about the difficulties of having to come up with designs for "normal" human characters.
It's always nice when the pages write themselves.
@Lord Enigma: Oh they are. This is the internets after all.
The cats are very important.
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, figured it was about time as it's already 3 chapters into the Ghost of Betrayal story arc.
Aris is the character I'm focusing the most on this time, so I wanted to have her, and some fresh colors. And I went with another template while I was at it...
This promises to be interesting ^_^

I also like how your "cover" is for the current chapter. There's a comic on here called Le Vite that does the same thing; the author updates the cover whenever there's a new chapter.

I don't have time to do that for mine; I have a hard enough time staying on schedule!
Who is this mysterious Mr. L and how is he connected to the ghost?
Grimdock's backstory, I originally wrote during the first part. People smuggling somehow has to happen in this society, and I wanted someone at the top to be involved. The more I wrote into it, the more sense it made.
So when time came to write part 2, I knew exactly the subplot to use, that would make the most sense, as well as give Aris her sidekick...
This one aristocrat (known as Grimdock) was originally modelled after a friend of mine, which I often do. Minor background characters are often friends, youtubers or actors, because "randomly generating" characters often just makes everyone look the same. If I draw an actual person, even if it doesn't look like the person, generates some sense of personality.

So coming back to Grimdock here, I needed to switch from drawing my friend to drawing him as an own character, which means going from one or two expressions, to completelly "animating" him, which took some getting used to.
Watch me experiment over the next couple of pages...
Bringing the council back meant I had to give them some vague personalities. It was also perfect for bringing in a few gags. These few pages kinda wrote themselves.
Been a while since I drew the city, and I feel like I'm improving each time I do it. Takes a lot of time, but challenging myself is the only way to improve.
Also, I originally planned the city council to be a one time gag in the first part of the story, but I figured I needed them back for this second part. I made sure they brought their cats again...
Valid question from Embla. If even the Emperor can't find the ice base, how did the ghost do it?
Worked out last time, but will this be enough to wipe the illusion this time?
Serise became way more fun to draw than I planned to. I actually really regret not giving her a bigger role in this story.
Id is not even the biggest thing that doesn't make sense on this page...
Not sure how it works out, but I'm toying with planting subtle plotholes to create a sense of unsettlement...
Time to balance some of the plot arcs. This one will be equally split between what's going on with Embla, and what Aris is up to.
There are similar storylines going on, and hopefully, they'll all be tied together in the end...

Of course, I do have a Patreon if anyone wants to chip in, it would be much appreciated.
Comments are much appreciated too :)
February 18th, 2019
@kidcthulhu: Haha... it's kinda different for strips. I try to draw backgrounds in as many DiS panels as I can, and whenever I do just a plain room like this, it feels like something is missing.
Oh please, Dadaph! That's more background than 80% of my comic ^_~
February 10th, 2019
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, had the big picture down before I even started, tried putting story elements in layers. It's tough to balance and not tell too much at once since that may bore people, but I also need to make sure stuff comes up when it's important to know something.

Writing is hard, but fun.