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DiS in Space

DiS in Space

by Dadaph
There's a war brewing between Atlantis and Mu! Former comrades Embla, Panik and Aris are now finding themselves on three different sides of this conflict, each facing a common dilemma from a different angle.
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DiS in Space

There's a war brewing between Atlantis and Mu! Former comrades Embla, Panik and Aris are now finding themselves on three different sides of this conflict, each facing a common dilemma from a different angle.


Recent Comments

@kidcthulhu: Can't wait to show the chapter where they explore Mu when it's bright.
It's like night and day, or something...
I do like Mu's overall aesthetic. It's a nice shakeup artistically speaking.
Getting a whole "Eye of Sauron" vibe here ^_^
@kidcthulhu: thanks. Was going for a very different feel for all of my three main locations.
Been building up Mu for a while now. It may not look as expected...
I like how Mu and Atlantis have distinct looks. I suck at architecture, so I'm always impressed by scenes like this.
Who is Leeroy's boss?
Next chapter, starting August 1st, may reveal a few things...

If you enjoy DiS, please check out my Patreon at
I've had this story on my mind for the last 20 years, and while it's fun to finally tell it, making a buck or two while doing so does a lot for my motivation.
Or just read and leave a comment if you like, that helps too. I love every single one of my readers. Thank you.
This was a pretty tough scene transition to do, as Mu and Atlantis are on different sides of the planet. While there's early morning in Mu, it's getting dark in Atlantis.
Even keeping track of the day/night cycles going on wasn't an easy task. I needed it to be a certain time of day for certain points in the story, I wanted some dramatic light effects for the upcoming parts, and I needed consistency.

Part 2 is probably the most fragmented one when it comes to constantly moving the story around to three different areas on the planet, and it was not easy to do.
I wanted this wooden look on this shanty town, but this is a world where wood really isn't that common of a material. How to solve that?
Well, it's not that it's no dry land around (this isn't Waterworld), but as stated earlier, nobody lives there because everyone have been fed stories of aliens and nuclear wastelands. But there are tribes of people braving even that. There is wood to be found, and seeing as Mu isn't as far away from dry land as Atlantis is, it's a lot more common material to use.

While everyone in Atlantis lives in one huge pre built city, the people multiplying around Mu use the materials they can get (wood) and build their own floating towns around the huge pyramid structure in the middle. The city of Mu is far more chaotic when it comes to structure, but policed a lot more than Atlantis, where the citizens are left to be governed by a handful of aristocrats who doesn't even give a damn about anyone but themselves.

The differences between these two cities is something I plan to explore more as time goes on...
How do you even hide from someone who sees everything? Is Tomo's hideout really that good?
I also found it kinda funny how this conversation have been happening in front of these trapped guards, so I just had to add a scene where they commented on just that...
Been a while since I even mentioned the Oracle, but she'll be a very important character going forward...
How this religion fits together will be slowly revealed as well, but it's the key to how a lot of the plot will fit together.

Part 2, Ghost of Betrayal, is a lot of setup, as it's kind of the middle part of the first planned "trilogy", but I think there will also be a bit of payoff, maybe even as soon as during the next two chapters.
And there's more these two can bond over. Neither of them can confirm to the religious dogma this society runs on.
Tomo is an outcast because he seems to be unable to share the religious views of the rest of the population, while Panik doesn't even have an idea what any of that stuff is about.
Haven't really been showing that many paladin powers this time around, but when I do, I want them to count, and not just be flashy.
Laser guns are fun and all, but I imagine the technology to shoot that dangerous beam of light might require a ton of lenses, that can easily be countered by just freezing them.

Just needed a quick way for Panik and Tomo to bond and trust each other, showing them fight off some common enemies.
Enter Tomo, named after the 友 kanji, which is used in the Japanese word for friend. I needed someone to show Panik around, someone who is not Id.
Panik have never had a proper friend in his entire life as well, so giving him that is one way to maybe make him... less cold?
We'll see where this goes...
Had a fun time drawing backgrounds for this chapter. I was playing Dark Souls for the first time (yeah late to the party) and working my way through Blight Town, so I had a ton of inspiration when it came to old scaffolding and rotten wooden structures. I just had to add stuff upon stuff, never letting the pen rest. Dirty background is always so much easier to do than clean ones as I don't even have to make sure the lines are straight. The more uneven stuff is, the better.

Mu had to feel bad, rotten, sick, used. This is a slum. I didn't want the first impression of the place to be the technological utopia we may see later. It's a society where the poor are even worse off than the slums in Atlantis. It's a religious dictatorship, a police state, and the following pages will start exploring that side of Mu.
Since we haven't seen Panik for a while, I thought it would be a nice thing to just show his powers again. He is the "ice paladin" after all...
This chapter will mainly follow Panik around Mu, and I'm happy. Both to finally show what Panik's been up to, and to show a little bit of Mu, a location that will become pretty important from now on.
DiS was from the start about another cold war between two super powers, Atlantis and Mu, and this conflict will become clearer in the later stages of the story.
We've already heard a little bit, but a conflict always have multiple points of view. And some characters may already have been twisting the truth...

Of course, I do have a Patreon if anyone wants to chip in, it would be much appreciated.
Comments are much appreciated too :)
That's interesting way to come to the creation of a character.
@Lord Enigma: His mom told him he's trying too hard, though
Oh that's an interesting looking fellow.
@kidcthulhu: Thanks, was thinking of some weird puppetmaster, but I also wanted his looks to somewhat make sense in regards to how he's controlling the ghosts.
I believe that will get answered very soon...