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Team Rangers

How would you feel if you woke up as a Pokémon one day? Well this is how teenager Jake dealt with it. Stripped of his human world, body, and name, Jake must become Luca and figure out how to survive in a new world with a war brewing.

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November 16th, 2018
and then alex the guest made an account

that account is me
Just to want you know it's me caeden
I'm shock
Hello when is flash (me)gonna be appearing
Hey I know I'm flash
....loneliness at its finest
I was forgotten wasn't I?remeber me?its caeden
Hey remember me the kid who always wore a scarf at your school in seventh grade
@GoldenSea03: is this the same sarcastic Elias that I know?
@DragonMoonWolf: it's no problem, the fact that you're an awesome person on this comic is support enough ^^
I think shes doing better now she had some stuff going on keep up the support chaps and stay tuned for more cool art!
Aww sorry again I wasn't on to support you in your time of need. (Internet broke down ._.) but I'm glad you're feeling at least a bit better.
@sans_da_eevee: I just sent you a message on this same picture on your deviantart, so look at that message when you get a chance, also again, I hope you have a wonderful day! stay cool!
Thank you!
@sans_da_eevee: I was trying to find you on deviant art, but I couldn't find you under sans_da_eevee, so I was wondering if it was different, thank you though for letting me know, I will try to send you a friend request or maybe a watch or something with a message, so you know it is me.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: yep! But instead of underscores, it's hyphens
@sans_da_eevee: I need to ask is your username on Deviant art the same as your username on smackjeeves here?
Hey Sans_Da_Eevee,
@sans_da_eevee: I was just wondering, but where will you send my request once you finish? Will you send it here or my deviant art, I was just wondering? If you don't mind me asking of course, as I am sure you have your own things going on, but I just wanted to know if you got a sec?
@sans_da_eevee: happy birthday ;v
@sans_da_eevee: Just take your time okay and try not to push yourself, I hope you have a good night, take care!
SO I just posted it..
@sans_da_eevee: the discription of how I think my OC should look like, but you may not see it since it is further up, so just wanted to send you this to let you know, p.s. let me know what you think.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: can do! I'll get to that tomorrow, if you wanted me to draw it ASAP.