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Commander Cottontail

Commander Cottontail

by WendyHeatherWood
A single panel furry space comic made of bricks.
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Commander Cottontail

A single panel furry space comic made of bricks.

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See Page 182 for Details
Go on. Go look at it.
Fun Fact I Guess
I originally designed the security droids as a stand in for the Daleks. Bootleg Daleks I guess. Then Character Building went and announced their Dr Who line, complete with Daleks, so I went with the real thing instead.

Still, I liked my simple little cone shaped killing machines so I kept them and made them security robots instead.

The End
November 29th, 2017
Do you know how hard it is to get a good shot of a tiny model using a fixed focus Polaroid camera?
It's very hard, which is why I cheated and did something clever instead.

This is NOT a Polaroid photo of one of the Commander Cottontail sets. It is in fact a Polaroid photo of a digital photo being displayed on a reasonably large television.

Also, this is probably the single most expensive Commander Cottontail strip to date. I've bought a couple of reasonably expensive (for me at least) sets and parts to make these strips before, but I've always been able to reuse them for other strips. This one however took me three attempts with the Polaroid camera. At the time standard Polaroid film cost £10 for a pack of ten, so this one photo cost me £3 to take and that is why you will never see another Polaroid in this comic again.


Unless I change my mind.
Answering machines make a big comeback in the future.
I'm sure his office isn't really on fire. That's just a prank, right?
Lieutenant Commander Xanh can do fine without the Commander for a few more days.
I wonder why that might be.
*cough* Page 63 *cough*
This one was originally uploaded on the 50th anniversary of Dr Who.
In case you couldn't guess.
Yeah, the Ambassador's family is loaded.
You didn't think the Alliance gave her that position because she was the most qualified candidate, did you?
Feels way longer that two days, doesn't it?
Meanwhile, back on the station...
Lieutenant Commander Xanh is doing a fantastic job of filling in for the Commander.
Happy Halloween?
This strip was originally released as a Halloween strip and it landed so close to Halloween this time, but not close enough.

Never mind.

I really like the set for this one. You will never see it again.
These two are best friends.
You can tell because they like emotionally torturing each other.

That's what best friends do, right?
Tiny Little Hello Kitty Figures
Like most Commander Cottontail sets I built the Alliance ship's corridors to be in scale with a standard Lego minifigure, which is significantly taller than a Mega Bloks Hello Kitty figure, even more so when you consider how much of a Hello Kitty figure's height is just their head. So realising that the sets were completely the wrong scale for the Captain and the Ambassador I decided to make a comic about it.
The Commander is such an optimist.
You'd think he'd have learned by now.
It's fine! It's fine!
I'm sure this won't cause any trouble with the other ambassadors.
Moshi Monsters
Mega Bloks Moshi Monster figures were great. I just wish they'd introduced more of them.
Super Special
Today's very special guest comic is by the fantastic Vas Littlecrow, whose website most definitely contains stuff a little more mature than my own here, but you should still check it out if you're okay with that because, hey, have you seen this awesome guest comic?


You have nobody to blame but yourself and nobody to thank but me, and also Vas I guess, but mostly me.

Forget to upload this one over the weekend.
I've been sick, okay!? Jeeeeez....
One Little Freighter
The beach!
I like the beach set, well, seafront set I guess. There isn't a whole lot of sand there.

Those base pieces, the red bricks and the larger grey rock section are all Mega Bloks. There's also some Kreo, Best-Lock, Character Building and unidentified Chinese manufacturer stuff in there too. Oh, and some Lego too of course.
Sympathy is not really Xanh's strong point.