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Commander Cottontail

A single panel furry space comic made of bricks.

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Sorry the comic's late. I got a bit distracted last night and forgot to upload the comic.

I'd promise not to do it again, but you wouldn't believe me and neither would I.
Most of the names in Commander Cottontail have some kind of logic behind them. Usually it involves picking words related to the characters and sticking them in Google translate to find cool sounding translations of them.

Grafschender is one of those names. What makes Grafschender special is the fact I can never ever ever remember how to spell it. Seriously every time you see the word Grafschender on this page? Copy and pasted from the file name.
Two hundred and ninety three pages ago...
Kittens are dangerous.
Do not let them near cannons.
Oh hey a reference!
Look! Look! I made a movie reference!

If you don't know what it is then I'm not going to tell you.
For some reason when Mega Bloks made their Hello Kitty line they produced two different heads for Fifi, one with her normal red triangular nose and one with the round yellow nose used for characters like My Melody and HK herself.

Why they did this I have no idea. I've never seen her with that style nose anywhere outside of the Mega Bloks line. Some kind of mistake that somehow made it into production? How do you give a character the wrong nose and not realise until you've already produced tens of thousands of the things? I don't know, but I do know that it left me with two figures of the same character, from two different sets who clearly couldn't be used for the same role because they had two different noses.

And so the Alliance Captain's yellow-nosed, almost identical cousin was born.

But seriously, how did they give her the wrong nose?
Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters
Sylvanian Families are great. Almost as great as Lego. Except in the US and Canada where they're called 'Calico Critters' for some reason. Why Calico? Does the fuzzy Commander up there look like a multi-coloured cat or plain-woven unbleached cotton to you? Seriously, what's with the names people and why do you keep pluralising the word Lego?
I actually did research, real research for this and the previous comic, looking up different type of medication for Dr Mediocris to prescribe the Commander and if I remember rightly what she says kind of makes sense? I mean I'm not exactly sure what the side effects of and treatment for getting shot with a futuristic energy weapon of unknown type and power are, but the stuff she lists is maybe plausible... ish?
Helps if I upload a comic.


Better late than never?
I wonder what she could be angry about...
I wonder what it could be...

I wonder....

Medical Office
Mediocris' medical office is one of my favourite sets. I really need to come up with reasons to use it more.
Bad Idea.
The next strip is not titled Bad Idea.

I am very disappointed with myself.
Kind of forgot to upload again.
Better late than never?
This was a really tricky comic to do, what with the amount complexity of the set and trying to get all three characters positioned just right and then adjusting the lighting so you can't see anything whatsoever.

Did you notice that Lieutenant Xanh and Lieutenant Commander Xanh have slightly different coloured speech bubbles? Because they totally do.
Guess who forgot to upload this week's comics in advance.
Book Four
And so begins book four of Commander Cottontail, with the crew running away from angry Daleks.

Sounds about right.
April 24th, 2019
Loose End
I guess someone wasn't in their room when Santa came to take them back to their universe.

That sentence shouldn't make sense.
Another Easter Christmas Strip
This schedule is so messed up.
Santa Claus
That's right, it's a Christmas strip on Good Friday and there'll be another one on Easter Monday too.

Did I mention the repost schedule is a little messed up?
April 12th, 2019
Back when I started making this comic there were no Lego compatible Cybermen out there to use, so I just sort of had to improvise. Then the Character Building Doctor Who line came out, and while Character's figures are a completely different style they do use the same size... neck pin I guess you'd call it? Anyway here's what happens if you stick a CB Cyberman head on my improvised Cyberman body.

It's kind of creepy looking.