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Commander Cottontail

A single panel furry space comic made of bricks.

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April 21st, 2017
Yet another Dalek!
I think this is the first appearance of the green Dalek (another colour that Character Building never actually made) I think.
Funky Colours
This was a fun one to do.
Did you know that Lego Fabuland figures and standard Lego figures have compatible arms?
Well they do.
Easter bunny (space) suit!
The torso for that space suit is a neat little custom job of mine that doesn't exist.
By which I mean the original photo for this strip just uses a standard Lego Mars Mission torso, blank white/grey legs and a standard bunny suit helmet thing and then I altered the design, replaced the logo with the original version and made it blue because I like creating unnecessary work for myself.

Sporty paint job.
I think that Dalek might be having a mid-life crisis.
The Commander has a great job, honest.
While the phrase "resistance is futile" did show up in classic Doctor Who a couple of times it was never from the Daleks, though they did get awfully close a few times.
Mega Bloks
All of the scenery for this one is made of 90s (I think) Mega Bloks, with the exception of the green oil drum looking thing and the sandbags, which I think are from a Chinese brand, Enlighten probably. Enlighten do occasionally make some quite neat stuff when they're not straight up bootlegging Lego sets.

Mega Bloks get a bad rep a lot of the time, but I've not had any worse quality control problems with them than I have with Lego (I'm looking at you misaligned 80s/90s torso prints and inconsistent head colours in series 1 and 2 minifigures). I think the vast majority of it is just from people not liking 'clone brands' even though that's exactly what Lego started off as. ricks-page-hilary-harry/

April 20th, 2017
The Lieutenant
Exactly how she got to that rank is a mystery to everyone except her.

She just doesn't think about it.
April 20th, 2017
Who's this guy?
He seems familiar, what with his ridiculous hat and doing things now because doing things is cool.

I wounder who he could be?
On the one hand it's a little strange some of the things BrickForge make in transparent colours, but on the other hand MULTI-FUNCTION DELUXE LIGHT SABRES! :D

Wrong Setting 1:
Can't argue with that reasoning.
Well, you can I guess. It just wouldn't do you a whole lot of good.
The good old-fashioned tilt the camera trick
As used by Star Trek and almost every other TV show set on a spaceship ever.

What can I say? It's a classic!
Mark 6 Travel Machine
So for the non-Doctor Who fans out there that thing the Ambassador's niece is driving there ain't a Dalek. A Dalek is a small, ugly squid looking thing. The thing she's hijacked there is the imaginatively titled 'travel machine'.

Apparently that variant is a Mark 6.

I dunno. I just call it the plastic wheelie bin variant.
Blue box huh?
I wonder what they could be talking about.
Station V3 again
This makes perfect sense if you're a Station V3 reader and almost none if you don't.

I guess that's what you get for not reading Station V3.
Kitten v. Dalek!
In the blue corner we have a Dalek ambassador and in the red corner we have the Sanrio-Mega Bloks Ambassador's baby niece and some heavy artillery. Who wants to place a bet?

Station V3
You'll probably find something a little familiar about this comic if you've ever read Station V3 and if you haven't well, go read it now:
I think I may have mostly created this one so I had an excuse to use those nifty steampunk Futuron-ish uniforms I designed.

Cool aren't they?
The Deadliest Thing In The Universe
A disgruntled cat.
Dimplomatic Immunity!
Isn't it great?