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Commander Cottontail

Commander Cottontail

by WendyHeatherWood
A single panel furry space comic made of bricks.
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Commander Cottontail

A single panel furry space comic made of bricks.

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Moshi Monsters
Mega Bloks Moshi Monster figures were great. I just wish they'd introduced more of them.
Super Special
Today's very special guest comic is by the fantastic Vas Littlecrow, whose website most definitely contains stuff a little more mature than my own here, but you should still check it out if you're okay with that because, hey, have you seen this awesome guest comic?


You have nobody to blame but yourself and nobody to thank but me, and also Vas I guess, but mostly me.

Forget to upload this one over the weekend.
I've been sick, okay!? Jeeeeez....
One Little Freighter
The beach!
I like the beach set, well, seafront set I guess. There isn't a whole lot of sand there.

Those base pieces, the red bricks and the larger grey rock section are all Mega Bloks. There's also some Kreo, Best-Lock, Character Building and unidentified Chinese manufacturer stuff in there too. Oh, and some Lego too of course.
Sympathy is not really Xanh's strong point.
New Story Arc Time!
Yep. Another one of those.
Meta Humour.
Moshi Monsters
The Mega Bloks Moshi Monsters line was cool. There weren't that many different figures and it did have a bit of an over-reliance on stickers sometimes but the figures that did get released were pretty damn cool.
This isn't the first time I've made that joke.
That is awesome.
This made my day
This was a fun set to build.
The view through the window is made from Nanoblock clones, a classic movie trick of building a very small thing and hoping that people will think it looks like a very big thing very far away.
What do you mean late? I have no idea why you think this page was uploaded late. It's not like I misplaced the drive with all the comics on or anything. Ha! That would be so silly!
I don't know what the Commander's talking about.
That's a great hat the Doctor's wearing. More people should wear hats like that.
Yeah, she's got this.
I'm sure she'll have these negotiations wrapped up in no time.
One way or another.
It still has a few bugs that need sorting.
And so ends the Trouble with Transporters arc. Join us* on Monday for something completely not entirely different, but at least a little bit different.

(*and by us I mean me because there's nobody else here doing this unless you count Patrick Bunny but he's not much help)
Technical truth is still the truth, technically.
One more page of Trouble with Transporters to go on Friday and then we move on to something different, Commander Cottontail strips that aren't part of the Trouble with Transporters arc! :D
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fighting is not the answer when deciding who wears an outfit. Doing your laundry more than once a week is.

Seriously Commander(s), do your damn laundry!
Not THAT doctor you silly, silly Daleks.
I like the name Dabrowski. I don't know anyone with that name, but there's just something about that name I like. If it wasn't already a real name I'd have to make it up myself, because it is SUCH a good name.

In fact there is at least one other webcomic character named Dabrowski because of my suggestion. There need to be more Dabrowskis in comics.
Bad Doppelganger Pun!
I'm really surprised at myself for not including MORE of these in this arc.