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by Colourbee
Acception is only on WEBTOONS from now on! Read it here:
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Acception is only on WEBTOONS from now on! Read it here:


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I love that someone is writing about a gender nonconforming or non binary character
That was pretty diplomatic of her. Also, for most part Goth tends to be a phase, very few people keep it up after 10 years or so.
Rebooted Patreon!! >> << I will soon post Patreon only content again! Have a look at the new offers to help me continue this Webcomic. Lots of behind the scene sketches and extra's. Starting this weekend with Halloween theme ;)
I can tell this is going to have a very... odd main cast
The pages in the sketch books are drawn on paper and scanned to make it look like real pencil arts :> Enjoy this magical bonding moment.
lets meet the our lovely 3th main character Iris <3
Oh god. I feel sorry for you
@Calz like no other: yeah we in the Netherlands mostly have these kinda lockers :)
do schools really do this with lockers?
page 3! Enjoy the schadenfreude >:3
Thats one way to give a first impression...

ps: Arcus moved from England to the Netherlands so that means this story takes place in the Netherlands so school is a little different. We start highschool at the age of 12 mostly. Arcus got home education a year in England before he started highschool there so thats why he is a year older in the character intro post. βœ©πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆthe more you know πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆβœ©
First off, Not cool. Don't make the dude ruin those awesome rainbow bangs with a mop to the face. Second, how did that mop even have anything on it to ruin the bangs? It looks like it was standing head up...meaning, not near water. What kind of gravity-defying mop buckets do they have in that school? :P

Anyways, I really like the color pallet used so far in this comic! A bit brighter than watercolor, but not glaring. It's nice. :)
What passes for entertaining for some people is just sad sometimes. If your idea of comedy is trolling or punking other people you need to take a closer looking at your own life.
Page one is ONLINE! I hope you will like it :) please follow and share this comic if you want. I will soon start up a new Patreon idea to give you more content and help me create time to get more pages done in the future. But for now enjoy your weekly update!
Good morning, Are you all ready for school? I hope you had a good first month ;) Acception will open there school doors tomorrow with the first page! Get ready!
They're so cute!
Hope you enjoy the cover of the first volume of Acception book one #Losers! For the dutch people you can already buy the full first album here: n/ this way you will support my work and get some nice axtra art if you pre-order before November! Next week first page! I will update every Thursday.
I like Maud's style they all look good can't wait for the comic to start to see what their personalities are going to be like.XD