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Aaron, Chance, and James live together in Houston, Texas with mysteries surrounding them. There's more to their world than meets the eye and they discover that martial arts is one way of getting to know their world and perhaps the universe

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@Ominousmoon: he can be annoying somethings or funny but right now he deserves it
brave nights(brony oc) steals the dragon rat a keeps it as a pet give jenny a crystal necklace for the dragon/rat hybrid.
Baby camels
Don't you just love baby camels? hahaha
@triforce fandom: I fixed it on Deviantart but I an't seem to edit the pages individually
I'm guessing he's not your most favorite character?
@Ominousmoon: Chance is bigger pain in the ass than SpongeBob
@triforce fandom: LOL WUT
(puts bullet in the camel then straps Chance to a chair a forces him to watch the series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
then call a dream demon to haunt him don't ruin a man's party
Logan, are plotting your revenge if so kill Spongebob then frame Chance
hugs Logan then introduce him to Squidward
question how the buq is the badger the uncle of a HUMAN unless he's adopted?
how many I.O.U.'s, 169?
grammar nazti misspelled feeling
grammar natzi misspelled feeling
face palms then punches rabbit boy
repunsual would be proud
don't mess with short people trust me I learn from...... experience.
Well who saw this coming?

A pregnant Camel hahaha

High resolution image on my patreon