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Beneath The Clouds

A comic of ghosts and gunpowder, set in Heian Japan. Guaranteed to be the best graphic novel about 11th Century Japanese exorcists that you'll read all week.

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Oh, yeah, they do mirror each other!

Nice juxtaposition. Now we shall see how these arrangements play out for the lovebirds~
bad almonds.
Did you see how the position of the cherry blossoms in the second panel mirror the position of the flies in the first? Huh? Huh?
Yes, Juro and Eiji HAVE slept in worse places, but is doesn't mean they like it.
This is one of the only times I regretted the limited colour scheme of this comic, because I can't show how awesome the court ladies' outfits are. You can see some pics here:
Sneaky fourth-wall breaking Bioshock quote...
I was going to comment on this but I'm laughing too much. Thanks guys
you can see pics of the real thing here:
Perhaps when I've finished the main story arc I'll write a few short stories focusing on ghost hunting rather than romance/drama...
Oh damn! nice cockblock
that's for the last panel.
baby, come back. Any kind of fool could see there was something in everything about you.
They look awesome! :D
I tried, but then this song played:
As thanks to those who submitted fanart for my comic in April, Heian Japan versions of of their characters are included in this chapter.

Here we have Anrak and Namide from Soul's Journey by Sophie Pfrötzschner in panel 3 (
Prince Charming and Crate from Charming by artofjoe in panel 5 (
and The Pyschodyssey's character also in Panel 5.
It will come, I promise!
I'm excited to see some ghostbusters in action!
Naginatas are one of my faves.
Lol, I've been analyzing these pages so hard looking for stuff in the background, haha!