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Beneath The Clouds

A comic of ghosts and gunpowder, set in Heian Japan. Guaranteed to be the best graphic novel about 11th Century Japanese exorcists that you'll read all week.

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@artofjoe: Juro and Eiji are first or second cousins and grew up together. They have the same surname as they're part of the same clan/extended family.
@Spirit of Water: I was going to have the duck eaten by a pike, but that would have been mean.
"Yeah! Shut up, Eiji!"

Are those two brothers?
Aw, one of the ducks is gone. :( Parallel~
Who's guessing how this turns out???
Don't give up! You have a long trip and then the adventure within the capital to change his mind!
Wowsers, that guy's awesome, don't kick your chickens before they hatch, my dude.
"A Quiet Conversation" by Kate, which sums up Genza's opinion of Juro nicely.
"Some People Who Occasionally Fight Ghosts" by artofjoe of the SmackJeeves comic Charming
Also, a great band name.
A three sentence fan fiction by Kate inspired by the last chapter of the "Tale of Genji"
Today's fan art is "Back Away From My Dad" by artofjoe of the SmackJeeves comic Charming
Today's fanwork is a three sentence fan fiction by Kate, inspired by Sei Shonagon's "Pillow Book"
I decided to have the month off in April to work on the "Rogue" anthology for Spiderforest and build up my archive, so here's nearly a month of fan art! The first is "Masako" by Sophie Pfrötzschner of the wonderful Soul's Journey
I wish I had the bravery of that man.
Darth sidious: "UNLIMITED POWER!!!"
ooo that's tender!
@Caroline Parkinson: I was actually just about to mention how much I like that bottom panel