A retelling of Sonic the Hedgehog stories using my expertly created 3D models from "ORIGINAL CHARACTER SHENANIGANS".


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if only the genesis had a douchebag camera like that
This boss battle was annoying at first because I couldn't get the hit box and was running out of blocks.
Third time battling, I'm just like "Wow, this is so easy. I can hit the boss three times before it destroys a block, what was I annoyed about?"
i never liked this boss battle xl
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One of the Let's Players I looked up was able to beat him before he could pick up a second block.

I'm not impressed.
The robot Sonics are all pretty weird.

Sonic 2 had Silver Sonic.
Sonic CD had Metal Sonic.
Sonic and Knuckles had Mecha Sonic.

All attempts at making Sonic... yet only one of them was actually based around making something that could go fast.
Good theory. Except Mecha Sonic from Sonic 2 looked more like Metal Sonic.
Those things surprised me on my first playthrough of Sonic The Hedgehog, had no rings and then BAM, DEAD, by a roller.
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So, couldn't the Rollers technically be considered to be the first iteration of Metal Sonic?
Sonic Died the way he lived, by bouncing into springs at rapid speeds
Well that looks totally fun.

Also, I wonder if other characters seen in THE ORIGINAL ADVENTURES OF FAST THE HEDGEHOG will show up as well, but as their normal counterparts instead. That'll be interesting.
A program called 3DS Max.
Bumper Yard Zone!
What software did you use to make Fast the Hedgehog?
Sega, stop making floating "100" text appear whenever Sonic bounces!
There's a bunch of floating text in this stage. 'UP', 'ON', and 'CPU' are the other ones.

The 'COPE' one especially feels like it's mocking you.

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@bill33: mario bosses are kinda repetitive, all you gotta do is jump on them

or spin-punch them

or throw stuff at them

mario bosses actually aren't that repetitive actually
mega man bosses are kinda repetitive. all you gotta do is shoot them

kirby enemies are kinda repetitive. all you gotta do is inhale them
Sonic bosses are, to be honest, kinda repetitive. All you gotta do is to jump on them.