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For years now, princess Vitaliese has upheld a certain tradition. On the 26th of June, she breaks the barrier that separates the universe she rules from the universe of the living, pulling new victims into the realm of the dead. Why? What else would it be, if not for entertainment, and for simple sheer company.

This year, though, she has a different plan in mind...
Follow our protagonists on their travel through ghostly dimensions, in their attempt to go back home.


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Don worry we can believe him
Look hes an angel
April 25th, 2017
I wanna slap the mom so hard GRRRRR SUCH A B##h
Oh meh gawd I'm triggered already xd
Adams so adorable
Still wrapping my head around the fact Vali's a guy and changing the voice in my head I had for him XD
@xLollyx: Back when I made these pages I was still sketching and inking traditionally on a4 paper. Microns, g-pen, maru-pen and india ink on thick paper basically. Then I scanned it and toned it in mangastudio 5.
Now I do it all digitally, so I use sai and mangastudio for greyscale pages, and sai and photoshop for colored pages.
I've got a HP probook 6360b that I upgraded to 16GB RAM, and a cintiq 13HD
April 21st, 2017
Oml she's adorable
Although I know soon there will be a horrible twist XD
I'm thinking the same thing as the little girl lol.
... OOOOOH okay I think I get it...
I like her lol.
What do you use to make these comics (Sorry for all the questions. )
@xLollyx: 1-3 hours depending on contents and detail level!
She suddenly looks older ha ha
How long does it take to do a page ?
Cruel mum and smart kid
She looks so cute as a chibi ha ha!
@xLollyx: Thank you! <3
Holy Moly. She likes her teacups.
(You're such a good drawer! I hope this comic gets lots of attention!)