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Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death

by lemonliu32
An autobiographical comic about being dead and dying.
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2 Years Ago

Kiss of Death

An autobiographical comic about being dead and dying.


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September 26th, 2017
I've been dead
Literally. So I haven't posted in forty years but I do plan to at least finish this short series out with another four pages. I have a twenty five pages planned out and I'm probably gonna end up finishing this comic fully in the future but right now, I'm all tied up with more current projects. I'm more active on, mostly because it's a simpler style that's more manageable for me during the school year. Thank you to everyone for sticking with me!! I really appreciate you T_T
@gay: Any time! Also nice guest name. Me too
honestly this was so helpful thank you
Oh boy! A double update!! So I'm trying to figure out how to frequently update KoD and I was thinking the first and third Wednesday or Friday of every month, so bimonthly. During the in between weeks when I'm not uploading fully finished pages, I'd like to post little comic strips/ "how to draw comics" tutorials with little updates about my life. I'd like to get to the point where I update every week, but for now, I'm thinking I should start small and then work up. What do you think? Hope you enjoy reading :]
Hey! This is the first time I've posted one of my comics online and I'm very excited to start drawing more Kiss of Death pages. This comic started out as a project for two art shows I planned to hang in March. I decided to draw something new rather than show some of my older acrylic paintings. The first few pages were the result of a three week crunch time and too many cups of coffee. I'm hoping to explore the themes of death and mourning through my own experiences with them in life. It's a bit of a dark comic and I plan on posting trigger warnings on my homepage, along with a better comic description :p Hope you enjoy reading! I'll see you next week with another update