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Mismatch tells of the bond between two rivals who slowly discover they have more in common than they think.

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OMG, even the sock blushed.
Would you say his ability is more like psychometry
lmaooo XDDD most embarrassing power ever ^^
I'm laughing so much, XD poor sock
His powers don't seem so stupid now, huh?
whatt how embarrassing
Awww, the sock blushed too xD
The last panel killed me! :D I was laughing so much!
Mock the Sock, the best friend that everyone would like to have!
Desmond is such a cutie I s2g
if they are vampire they suck blood on humans right so the lightening boy has a sire does that means hes not human??

the latest panel was really funny !!!
Wooden Tongues (Elemental Mastery): A vampire (Desmond is still a Ghoul) may speak, albeit in limited fashion, with the spirit of any inanimate object. The conversation may not be incredibly interesting, as most rocks and chairs have limited concern for what occurs around them, but the vampire can get at least a general impression of what the subject has "experienced." Note that events which are significant to a vampire may not be the same events that interest a lawn jockey.

Desmond, sometimes is better lower your hand without being noticed and shut up XD You are too pure for this world </3
God I love your style. Your coloring is amazing, and that line work, I can't even! Such goals! Also, these boys are too adorable XD
This is very interesting.
If you want to read more about Thaumaturgy you can go here:
I really like this comic! hope to see more in the future
At first I thought the room number was 69 but when I looked again it was 64 LOL my mind is so dirty~
August 30th, 2017
@polliana: Lol, that was literally the first thing I noticed when I started reading!
This is going to be interesting^^
Haha! This is great! Love how different they are :D Curios how the story will unfold ^^
First of: The art style is just as amazing as it is with Purpurea Noxa! :D Thank you for so much eye candy! :DD

Second: How amazing that you put a place in Austria into your comic! :D How did you come up with setting the story there? I'm from Austria & I rarely see any stories taking place there, so this really made me happy :)

Keep up the great work! I'm already in love! :D