Magical Girl in Training

A magical girl appears!

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Oh my god I love this so much
Please continue!!! it's really great and I've been laughing so hard :))
"idk" xD
oh my goddd xD lmao
the most beautiful transformation ever
@Trinketfox: thank you so much!!!
@Charlotte057: thank you!! I should be free to work on more pages soon!
oooo drama!
This is so funny and sweet ^^ Super awesome job! Cant wait for the next update!
Love the story!
LOL I love these ~handsome~ guys already
Thi s is really neat please do more it's nice !

Sincerely me xoxo
@capybaraqueen: thank you for reading it so far!!
@capybaraqueen: but is it... EGGcelent ?!
@capybaraqueen: thank you!!
@capybaraqueen: Thank you for you're advice! Unfortunately I've written the next few chapters like this due to time restraints so hopefully it's somewhat tolerable, sorry!
Ahhh I can't wait for more!
That bottom face looks very Gravity Falls hehe.
LOL I love how it's just a normal freaking egg hahah. I would have never predicted an egg carving battle would take place. I could have never dreamed up an egg carving battle. It's genius.
"these ugly guys" XD
XD ahahaha. These bishounen boys are heavenly. Shout out to that GIANT HAND.
Awww haha that's so sweet of her to cook. I like how you used color for the flower!