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Gin and Tonic

Two lovable idiots, Gin and Tonic, are in love. And they're idiots. Follow their adventures.

~4koma/gag strip style BL~

Updates whenever we fancy :3

Recent Comments

*Rouxls Kaard*
January 26th, 2019
my God, its me and my friends lol
I’m the latter but I don't wanna bother others so I act as the former… :S
January 17th, 2019
not donut ring toss?
Im the first one, in such situations.
both lol
Both of these are me lol
January 14th, 2019
Ummm, but the doctor didn't answer your questions. Are they connected and are you dying?
December 29th, 2018
Notice how gay love is true love
Pink mana
November 20th, 2018
That me setting up an appointment to meet a guy or girl to go on a date.......actally thats me everyday
November 20th, 2018
Luckily I am friends with my artist so I just need to message him on fb or text his n.umber haha
November 20th, 2018
*LOL* I too have been lazy about setting up another tattoo appointment after having to cancel my last one. (foot surgery, ended up in a cast, tattoo $ needed to help with bills. Boo being a responsible adult)
November 19th, 2018
I hate to admit that I had to read this 3 times to realize what was happening.... and it isn't a good idea.
Pink mana
November 18th, 2018
No gin don't use your boyfriend dick and your asshole for ring toss.....
November 3rd, 2018
Imagine if it worked tho
October 22nd, 2018
do not do that
Jazmin Zombie
October 22nd, 2018
oh no
October 21st, 2018
Now THAT will make an awkward trip to the ER!
October 18th, 2018
...THIS is not going to end well...

Not to mention another funny story for the 911 Operator.

911 Operator: 911, what's your emergency? ...Wait. What?
October 18th, 2018
Getting sympathy pains and imma chick! Lol
October 17th, 2018
Uh...yeah. Something's about to get broken, and it ain't the bed. I'm gonna stop thinking about this before the sympathy pains get too strong...