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Gin and Tonic

Two lovable idiots, Gin and Tonic, are in love. And they're idiots. Follow their adventures.

~4koma/gag strip style BL~

Updates whenever we fancy :3

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March 15th, 2018
He can tell the difference in dicks.
< u >
I dunno why but... i was weirdly expected that megane-Kun to make as seme ;v;)
At least he isn't texting and driving
How does he know?
Precious babes!
Maaaaan, I've missed seeing these precious little babes. I can't believe I stopped reading....I blame S&S for taking up all my time and attention.....But damn if I don't love it <3

Also Gin and Tonic remind me so much, Of my edgy Vamp boy Sin and his lover Blake. Which makes me love these two angels even more. Than I already do.

Gin and Tonic are relationship goals/everything that is right with this world. <3
March 10th, 2018
*LMAO* he did that just to mess with her, totally... it's awesome.
@lunabob: Lol!!
March 10th, 2018
Okay but consider: why doesnโ€™t yours?
Pfffft holy shit lmao
February 26th, 2018
Nooo I'm all caught up ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Jazmin Zombie
February 21st, 2018
I own like 14 cactuses but none of them look like that
I am jealous
February 15th, 2018
That IS a pretty nice cactus.
Dancing Brony
February 14th, 2018
His shirt says "Fuck Me" doesn't it...
February 14th, 2018
@Auldr: I could've guessed based on your profile picture xD
February 14th, 2018
Thank you
I just love this comic!
February 14th, 2018
I would certainly buy that cactus.
February 14th, 2018
Ah yes, I live for this comic ๐Ÿ‘Œ
February 14th, 2018
Pfft damn
January 30th, 2018
I hate both lol, except cats and fish.
๐Ÿ˜‚ bake sale