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Just Another Mega Man Sprite Comic

A retelling of the classic series of CAPCOM's Mega Man games, with Dr. Light as the villain and Dr. Wily as the hero. Sprites are from Sprites Inc.

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That background is hurting my eyes.
This does not bode well for our hero.
If he even is the hero.
I'd be surprised if that guy has so much blood, he's still living right now.
Yes, the fourth panel is a B&G reference.
I lold at Cutman in the 4th panel!
The girl's like blank face
May 26th, 2017
Ooooooookay then.
@RedBomber: Exactly, Dr. Light and Wily didn't tell the public about him which is why he wasn't mentioned in this comic.
Proto Man was first, seeing as he was literaly entered in as DLN-000. He wasn't known in public until MM3 because he isolated himself, venturing of alone.
@RedBomber: As Proto Man was a prototype robot master, he wouldn't of been known to the public until the events of Mega Man 3. As well as the Mets where most likely first (as well as Sniper Joe, Picketman and the other robots) considering that they appeared in the first Mega Man game.
Wait. No, no, no no no, no.

The first robots were not the Metools. First there was Proto Man, formerly known as Blues, then Mega Man and Roll, then the 6/8 Robot masters.
@YamatoWoman: I didn't put then all in because the panel became too crowded, so instead just showed four. Just assume the others are off screen.
Where are the other robot masters?
You're comics funny