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Explanation Unnecessary

No superheroes.

Just a couple of kids doing the right thing.

Recent Comments

Local woman beats up a cripple
Nothing goes quite so hand-in-hand like EU, and cripples fighting.
Cinnamon did nothing wrong
I'm gonna kill her !!!
this is a great comic!!!! worth the wait!!!

also i made the hill panel
and it was extremely painful for lucy
good plan go attack the authorities :^)
there is no way this will end bad
gunga ginga (im rusty)

He is... The One.
@m.Delto: hes probably also a better Delto, than Delto
>Best Moses in the multiverse

Is that even something to brag about?
HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!1111
All that wandering has to lead somewhere..
but who knows where that could even be! Vineski, everyone!
Then Jerry kills all of them the end
Who are these new people and why are they getting arrested?
the hover text is a joke

The world may never know.

No really, what did they say to the cucumber