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Collab With Myself

Just a dump for myself whether it's doodles, comics, writing, plots, or otherwise.

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The protagonist of my comic Lunar Recon is also a character in a friend's story!
Read PMD: Lunar Recon here:
Read Pokeronpa: The Deadly Elites here:
D'aww, they're so cute!
yessss the improvement mmmm
for a fanfic i'm making

#1: SOUL - uses he/him - 23
Sweet, friendly, and always ready to help, even if a bit unintelligent. Essentially the dad friend.

#2: PINES - uses he/she - 14
Nervous and jittery. Usually tries to do things on his own, but always listens to directions.

#3: STRIKE - uses he/him - 14
The personification of the >:3c emoji. Exists to annoy everyone else.

#4: IVY - uses she/her - 12
Sharp and knows it. Never hesitates to act like she's better than you.

#5: GO - uses they/them - 7
Being mute doesn't stop them from being energetic. Doesn't like to pay attention or sit still.

#6: SATURDAY - uses she/her - 17
The snarky and bitter protagonist. Likes using profanity and easy to anger.

#7: ROY - uses he/him - 26
Has hit his midlife crisis about twenty years early. Exhausted and almost entirely indifferent.

#8: BYTE - uses she/her - 18
Flirty and fun-loving. Whenever something mildly inconveniences her, she claims it's homophobic.

#9: PLUTO - uses they/them - 30
Laughs at their own jokes. Believes in the horoscope and fate.