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ExoPanther's Art

ExoPanther's Art

ExoPanther's Art:

This idea was inspired by a friend (not going to put name)

Updates: At least an update a week

There are multiple "chapters" Pokemon, Animals, Extras, TRAOLAS

If you want a early peak at comics here:
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ExoPanther's Art

ExoPanther's Art:

This idea was inspired by a friend (not going to put name)

Updates: At least an update a week

There are multiple "chapters" Pokemon, Animals, Extras, TRAOLAS

If you want a early peak at comics here:

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January 2nd, 2018
I like it :)
@ElectroSparky: No problem! I'll make your profile picture when I have time. Thanks for the fav!
Hey, Exo... If it isn't too much to ask... Can I request a profile picture made for me?

(Btw I +fav for your efforts even if you don't do it)
October 3rd, 2017
@PyroLitten: Agreed, congrats!
Sorry that I forgot to comment ,but congrats on getting 10 fans! (I'm sorry I know this is very late)
Hi this is Breakfast noodles! I will update my schedule and tell you!
Hey, I know I +fav yesterday, but good job on making comics! 1 more fan and you will reach a milestone! Good luck!
@XExoPantherX: great art :)
7) He Also gave me an affection ribbon, and we parted ways. I have a strange feeling we'll met him again, hopefully.

8) After Galatic left, Lexi stared at me with a smirk, I could tell he was about to say something, so I ran to the Poke-Center (Free Apartments for new Pokemon in city)

9) When we walked in, and registered a 30 day free room. Room 501 on the 5th story. we took the ridiculous stairs and finally got there (in forever)

10) 501! Registered with our species names, cool! A leafeon in 500? We'll introduce ourselves tomorrow. I put the key in the knob, and turned,it.

11) The wallpaper was waves and the the tv is OLD (who uses that kind of tv?) But at least there were multiple rooms... After the both of us took a shower we hopped on our soft beds and fell alseep...

Again, sorry that the handwriting is sloppy, I can't write big.
1) Back to the Random Adventures of Lexi and Snowind... 3 months after 1st comic,. A blaze struck across the fields, the embers scorched.

2) Lexi is following Snowind as there running from the flames, a tear dropped as Snowind past her owner's grave. For months they lived there, but it was finally time to leave.

3) It's time to join the other Pokemon in the city. There trek was hard, and they encountered many challenges (aka. HM moves)

4) But, after weeks on end they made it, to the beautiful Roseame City. Where Pokemon swarmed like people, they found a sign population of eeveelutions.

5) We had made it into the center of the town when a leafeon came to us, he introduced himself as Galatic, and offered to show us around.

6) We hesitated, but finally took him on his offer. He's a really nice guy it turns out, and he gave us some pokedollars ($500).

That's the end of The second comic 1/2...

I'm sorry that my handwriting is still bad, I tried to fix it but, *bunch of excuses*
All the text because of the lighting...
1. In a world where people and Pokemon used to live together. Everything was fine until the dragons came. They killed all the humans.
2. This is the story about a jolteon named Snowind, she lost her owner. Many of the dragons destroyed homes, causing the Pokemon to be wild.
3. They all fled to one part of the world. Leaving their owners behind, but Snowind stayed so she could protect her owner's grave.
4. As the seasons passed, Snowind became more lonely. She waned to go with the others, but couldn't. Then one day she met a small Pokemon, an male eevee named Lexi.
5. Lexi had lost his breeder owner and was looking for a home. Snowind took him in and cared and loved him. Then, one day when Snowind was picking berries she spotted something.
6. It was Lexi, sitting in the grass with a fire stone in front of him.
7. It looked like he wanted to evolve into a flareon... But he was unsure, he hesitated withdrawing his paw. Then, he slipped and fell face first into the fire stone. A beam of light came and then disappeared. Now this flareon...
8. Wasn't normal one of his ears, leg and his tail were like his eevee ones. His gray ban. also broke too.
9. Then something crazy happened, he turned back into an eevee again... He then hid the ban. and left.
10. Snowind came over after awhile and pulled out the ban. She read it, Jacob Barks? Wait... My owner was Lillie Barks! She never told me that!
11. I couldn't believe that my owner never told me about her husband! I ran to her gravestone and started thinking... Alot...
12. I guess Lexi can turn into every eeveelution, maybe... he can help me defeat the dragons...

Really sorry for the LONG post, if I do this next time i'll make my handwriting neater...
Also for Pokemon you can ask for it to be shiny, have add on features and more!

For animals I will try to draw humans, and animals like how they look in real life.
Hey! I need your suggestions, ask me to make any Pokemon or animal by commenting what you would like to see. Thanks!
September 2nd, 2017
If you can't read my horrible handwriting, (which I won't blame you if you can't) it says for his features:

Leafeon Ears (on top of his ears)
Glaceon Gem (on coat)
Umbreon Ring (tail)
Espeon Ears (Mini) (under his ears)
Flareon Symbol (below left eye)
Jolteon Mane (its yellow)
Vaporeon Tail (fins sticking from his tail)
Sylveon Ribbons (two ribbons)

*Added symbols like stones, rocks, sun and moon*

Sorry that some of the features are so tiny...
September 1st, 2017
This is not mine, my friend made it herself. Credit to her!
September 1st, 2017
Ooh, this is nice!

I especially like the eye :3