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Life's Sweet Treat

Life's Sweet Treat

by atomicbomb23
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Life's Sweet Treat

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June 14th, 2018
Back Again!
I'm super sorry with how long it takes me to update this I've just been super busy with business stuff, trying to properly set up art commissions, etc. I will eventually have a regular upload schedule when my schedule calms down however.

Thanks for reading!
Chapter 2 Start!!
Franny better hurry up before shes late to work!

(I'm going to try and have a consistent upload schedule very soon. I'm still testing out time and how long it takes me to make a page so when I figure that out I'll be able to have a regular upload for you all! I've been very busy with my business related things and organizing it all and but don't worry! This comic will soon be in proper order!)

Thank you for reading!
Coming Soon!
I've been trying to organize my art life a bit better so I'm going to try and figure out a proper schedule for this chapter and here on out! I have to do some new character designs, revise writing and do some new writing before I start on the first page of chapter 2--after the first page I'm going to try and find a day to update regularly. Anyways, CHAPTER 2 IS COMING SOON AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! (I actually hope you enjoy all of my comic but--)
So now that the boring intro chapter is over we can get to the good stuff. GET READY FOR CHAPTER 2!

I also hope you're having a good day this Easter Fools...

Thanks for reading!
February 21st, 2018
One more page to go and chapter 1 is finished!

I'm trying to take my time working on the rest of these pages and I realized I'd need some more time so I figure I'd put out the page I finished for now.

I'm trying to reorganize/re-do a lot of things regarding my work so again I'm very busy.

Thanks for your patience and for reading. I hope you enjoy!
January 25th, 2018
Busy Busy Busy!
Hello Everyone! Sorry I've just been really busy with a lot of my work. I've been fleshing out the characters bios as well as trying to write an about for the comic! I've even resurrected a project of mine I've had on hold for 2 YEARS! I'm even going to be doing daily prompts next month. So while I'm drawing these 3 pages please know that I'll be doing these prompts/projects in between doing the comic pages. CHAPTER 1 IS ALMOST OVER!! WHOA!! I can't wait to do comic pages with DIALOGUES and get the story going!! That's all for now.

I hope youre excited for these 3 pages! Thanks for reading!
One More Character To Introduce!
Back From Break! All of the characters except for one has been introduced properly. The first chapter is almost done! Oooo! I'm excited but thats news for later.

Meet Charlie and Xander! (I will have their bios up soon. I'm still working out the bios page as well as the about page!)

Charlie owns the pink Slugbug and Xander is Mr. Parfaits son who works at the garage!

Keep checking for more updates and thanks for reading!
Happy Xmas!
I wanted to finish this up before Xmas so I can relax for my last few days of hiatus/vacation...I hope everyone had a good year and a good time for the holidays, I know I am/did! :)
Happy Thanksgiving/Huevember!
Whoa! 3 new characters? Well guess you'll have to wait and see who they are. ;)

Next Holiday: Xmas (or (insert whatever you want here)mas).

My vacation is going nice! Though it still seems like I've got no time. I've figured out what 2 stores/commission sites(?) I'm using. Now I just gotta get it official.

Happy Holidays and Thanks for reading!
November 17th, 2017
Mid-Hiatus Comic Update!
So I used a different brush for the lineart and threw this page together. So it's pretty bad I guess?

This is Mr. Parfait by the way! He handles the business aspect of the garage shop! I wonder who those other 2 characters are??

Anyways my vacation is going good! Expect 2 more pieces of Holiday Art (Thanksgiving and Christmas). I should be back to updating regularly by Early January (2018)! I'm gonna figure out some stuff so I can maybe open up shops to sell my art on as well as a tip jar! I'll be discussing more about that later cause right now I'm still trying to think it over.

Happy Holidays and Thanks For Reading!
Happy Halloween!
Stay Safe, Stay Spooky, and Have Fun!

P.S: I made the moon look funny.
In the image above I'll be listing what I will be possibly doing/uploading during my vacation! I should be back to working on the comic and other projects in January after the holidays have settled!

I hope you understand that I'd really like to enjoy the holidays this year and spend some me time so I can come back to work fully charged for it!

Thanks for reading & Happy Holidays!
October 13th, 2017
So when I went on a short hiatus and I ended up biting off more than I could handle with doing multiple pages. From now on I think I'll stick to posting them as I finish.

I'll be going on a Vacation Hiatus from Oct. 20th-January-ish! I need a break and some for fun drawing time. Don't worry I have a special page for the day I go on hiatus so I don't just leave you with this one page! I'll MAYBE post Holiday pages in between the hiatus (they're not going to be story comic pages...just fun character art). In the meantime

I'm going to be doing Inktober artwork until I can get started on the newest page (I'm falling behind on that and need a new sketchbook for it T_T)

Anyways Enjoy Bionca running somewhere!

P.S: I traced the 3rd panel of Bionca running (I honestly should've just used shapes from the ref tho) and I got really bored with the posters.
August 18th, 2017
This is how Francesca likes to enjoy her mornings. I wonder what Francesca hears heading toward her house though?

Anyways, I will be working on making multiple pages so that I can have update stability instead of making pages and putting them out one at a time. So I will not be updating this until I have at least 3 or 2 pages to upload. Thanks for the patience and thank you for reading!

(I cannot draw stores for the life of me I'm sorry if the page looks a bit wonky. I think it looks pretty good in my opinion though!)
You have improved
I have to admit you have improved. I'm not just saying that neather! I dont just hand out complements just because your my friend.
July 18th, 2017
So I went one day over my own deadline but here we go! FIRST PAGE CHAPTER ONE WHOOHOO!! Also an important thing to note I traced out a base for the car (cause I'm not that good at drawing cars this was my first time) in the last panel, the line art I tried doing by hand (so thats why it looks "perfect") I HOPE YOU ENJOY, I HOPE YOU CONTINUE READING AND WAITING OUT OF ANTICIPATION!

Welcome to Chapter 1! The first official page will be posted soon-ish! I appreciate your patience and have a good day!