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Eggman Universe - Legacy

Spin-off from my Sonic Universe - Legacy comic, featuring the Eggman Empire's perspective on the story.

Updates Wednesdays

Recent Comments

Yeah annoying when i uploaded it, it just kinda uploaded twice. I havent been on my laptop since, and as far as I can tell, phone browser cannot manage comics.
Repeat comic?
I struggled with this one, and there's not even a good reason why, but finally, done.
Love how you managed to make the legendary glare from Sonic Universe
What a fine bunch of people
He's run out of his usual supply
Did Charmy just...float away in the middle of the conversation? Geez that six year old is whacky.
Team Chaotix ladz
Daniel Sokolov
February 13th, 2019
A trio fights over a Princess! gasp!
Another late one, but it's the end of the Chapter! See ya next week, for Soleanna!
Whoops a day late
Some new faces!
Someone told Metal
Hey fun fact, there is now a third comic set in this lore, starring Sally and the Gang
The Zonerunners!
Also from now on if a previous comic page is referenced, I shall try link to said page here.
Mogul and Naugus Teaming Up
Naugus' First Time Down the Pit
Chaos Leaving Angel Island
They arrive.
Who are these goofs?
Man, six panels, I remember when this was my norm instead of a lucky short one.
At least he went out fighting. What a champ.
-Insert Gamma piano theme-