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The adventures of Ray the Talking Stingray, Eel, Bass, and Planty!

Our YouTube: Copy and paste the link below into the search bar.

Our Twitter: @MatthewRochman1

Recent Comments

Is this a mood or what?
Yes, I purposely made Captain America say “Quantum Realm time!” to make it seem like he’s taking care of the other Avengers at some daycare.
*yes I have a Twitter account go follow it*
Sorry for no updates. Oh, and sheesh, I went from 190 readers to 6 in just a month and a half?
Okay, I should stop now with the “Wut Going On” parodies of my own characters. :P
What have I done?!?? 😅
Otto the Octopus will harm you—OH, I mean, uh...he will NOT harm you! 😅
Guess what cute animal the author just discovered today. O_o
Planty sits on top of the table instead of a stool or a chair because she’s a pot.
Made this little sketch...liked it enough to post it on here...
I just created a monster out of Ray’s eyes...
Sorry for the reupload, I forgot that the Super-Bowl is football, not soccerball.
Yes, this is the second upload in a day! Y E E T!
Only took a day! ;)
I learned how to make my characters’ crossed-eyed faces betters!