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Welcome to a small cafe with great coffee, less great cake and a whole lot of plants, situated just after the end of the world...

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But... Charlie... Wat...
Should be back on track now! Double update for ya'll ^_^
I accidentally put up a page I had already posted! Should be fixed now ^_^
Garland isn't just a people-person, he's an EVERYTHING person D:
Sorry I hadn't uploaded here in a while - i wanted to try Tapastic for a bit, and now i think i'll upload both here and Tapastic until I can decide which will be better for me :)
Regular updates!
Ok so now this comic is officially on regular updates - pages will be available every thursday and sunday ^_^
@beckybruford: Charlie is legit deadly with food XD
I'm gonna cry I already love this boy so much???
June 20th, 2017
@distressed: thank you so much!
Updates info
This week I will have some irregular updates to kickstart this comic off a bit, but then I should be updating regularly twice a week! ^_^
this already looks so good I can't wait to see more!!!! you are a wonderful artist! aa!!
Looking forward to getting this show on the road!