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Ask the Betas: a QnA Comic

Ask the Betas: a QnA Comic

by Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X
Have a question for the 5 main characters of Beta Man's comics or their creator? Send them here, and they will be answered, no matter how serious or random!

(I apologize for the cover, there were some unforeseen complications.)
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2 Years Ago

Ask the Betas: a QnA Comic

Have a question for the 5 main characters of Beta Man's comics or their creator? Send them here, and they will be answered, no matter how serious or random!

(I apologize for the cover, there were some unforeseen complications.)

Recent Comments

I made a mistake when Beta stated that Ninja Man's look was on the account of budget cuts. However, instead of fixing this, I instead will just declare this to be because Beta never knew that the true reason was because Wily was mocking Light on drunkingly/lazily making the original models of the ASNs being based off of older models.

I might submit one! :D Thanks for the answers, Beta!
Oh look, a shameless plug.
Btw, if you're wondering why Gemini is there, it's because his Gemini TV is a part of the thing. If you're wondering what Gemini TV is, it's a TV Network I came up with that is run by Gemini Man. It's main show (in other words, the comic the network originated from) is Ninja Dojo, but it's currently on hiatus. I'll PROBABLY fix that problem next week, but considering this is the SAME THING I tell myself every time, you probably shouldn't count on it.

How'd you guys meet?
@ThatOneEnderMan: ...This is, uh... Too much to answer at once, and the story of the characters meeting are long enough. So I'll just explain in text instead:

-Because this is for all my main characters, and 2/3 of them are Betas.
-Because this is how he appeared in the CYOA, which Bt is referring to.
-"Green Proto" actually has grey armor, but hey, Beta is purple/blue Mega and Bt is grey Mega. So to sum it all up... I suckz at the custom spriting. (But you only ask this now? :P)
-Ninja actually hates Time Man because of Time Man's roasting session in the latest (but oh so terribly not new) issue of Ninja Dojo.
-There's an author representation because A. I have to speak directly to the audience sometimes (like in the CYOA) B. So that these sprites MegaBoy made don't go to waste and C. Because I refuse to drag Beta Reaper into this.
-I explained EEKADO before during Ninja Man's speech. As for all other jokes... Well, I just felt like it.
why is 2 thirds if the cast beta
why is pharaoh man's sprite different from his original but turbo's isn't
why is the green proto man look exactly the same as proto man but oooo he he is green and has a rock launcher I guess?
why does the totally not bass hate time man when there is no reason he has
why is there a author representation of beta, as this just adds to the whole 2/3s of the characters being beta thing
why does this PUBLIC comic have inside jokes that aren't explained at all
May I ask how you bots met each other?
Despite Ninja's earlier statement about Time Man, he still has beef.
Also, I kinda took the Proto Man part of the question in two different ways at the same time. Despite, opinions on the original Light Bots (+Bass) have been shared.

(And here I thought some of the PREVIOUS comics were big.)
How do the betas different each other to try and be unique? Also could proto man be considered the beta of betas since prototypes are just that??
How are the team's feelings toward the Original Crew? (Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man, Dr. Light etc.)
Hmmm, I see. Thanks, AB!
Yeah, there really isn't an argument over who has the most authority.
Author Beta is actually kinda the lead authority for ALL of my comics (except Beta and Mega, that's shared equally with MegaBoy. Oh, and Random Sprite Party. That belongs to ThatOneEnderMan. And Shameless Advertisements is just... Well. Exactly what the title is, so it doesn't really count as a "comic" per se.) since he is a representative of myself as a comic maker, so there really isn't any reason for my characters to argue over it.

Speaking of Shameless Advertisements, perhaps I'll advertise this thing. Not sure how I'm going to do it, but I'll think of something.
To all:Who has the authority here? It seems there is no leader.
@RedBomber: n.png

And you, Ninja Ghost. You are the Pinnacle of the disordered logic in the universe (not including Author Beta). You say that you will soon destroy Beta Man (the first one) and yet you miss notable opportunities to get rid of him once and for all. Add that by the fact that you shouldn't exist when you consider that robots can't turn into supernatural beings, and you've got a character that should not be here to this very day. At all.
Wendy's: Roasts you better than they cook your food.
Honestly, though, I myself actually LIKES Wendy's. I just couldn't think of something else more clever.

Might as well take the time to explain what EEKADO is for those of you who are confused.
EEKADO was an old meme that dated back to Pre-Reboot BaM. But now, however, it only lives on in a few comic pages, and only in minor appearances.

EEKADO was created from the derpy-ish sprites of Super Mario Maker and the mistranslation from Marvel vs. Capcom practically being merged together to create this meme-ish being. And in all honesty, I CAN'T take credit for it. The meme is actually MegaBoyX7's idea, I just like to use it. ESPECIALLY with Ninja Man around, because now the two rivals can have their OWN wacky fears.

@Ninja Man

Are you haunted and traumatized by the fact that you will never be Wily's most loyal robot master nor will you be ever to become more successful than any variation of Beta, not to mention that as formidable as you think you are, you are not a true ninja. I mean, you don't see Shadow Man swinging Z-Sabers. Bottom line, you will never, EVER, amount to be Wily's greatest or loyalist Robot Master. Your nothing but his pawn that gets his own neglected spinoff.
What community?