Aria's Legacy


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July 11th, 2017
July 10th, 2017
It's been a long wait, but it'll be here super soon! Season 2 (Chapters 5 ~ 10) Are coming to a Smackjeeves near you!

(Estimate Start Date: August 1st.)

(Is this animu enough yet.)
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ah ok well, fav'd
July 10th, 2017
@Smiffy SMF <3: this is a reupload of a pre-existing comic but he deleted his account for some personal reasons
damn, did you just have all these comics ready and uploaded them in one go? or is this a reupload of an already made comic?
July 6th, 2017
@Afroman17: I'll be uploading a page shortly explaining what happened, why and where we go from here.
Thanks for reminding me about those "plans" lol.