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Desperate Angels: Side Stories

These are where i will put the sides stories to my main comic Desperate Angels. Enjoy.


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September 26th, 2017
I decided to do a cute scence with Mayflower and her girls.

Desperate angels Side Stories will return on Oct 23 with new story titled "Bloodroot's Lost Girls." It will be about what Bloodroot was doing during Jade's Bloosoming.

If you like thses sides story go ahead and try the main comic Desperate Angels
September 23rd, 2017
Thanks all who have read this story this side story from the main comic. I wanted to show a bit of Rannos and Marcus childhood in which that may not show up in the main comic. Marcus might be a minor character but evenhe has history in my comic. I will post a one shot cute comic next week then tak time to refine the next side story titled "Bloodroot's Lost Girl." You can check out the main comic here:

Till next time have a GREAT weekend.