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My Life as a Blue Haired Sorceress

Larry was just a simple geek, and then one day he found a spell book, one spell cast later and he finds himself in a world of Magic, Dragons and adventure. He also finds himself as a blue haired mage girl!

Now he is stuck in a new world with a new body and all he wants is to be a Man again! Maybe he will maybe he won't, either way it's gonna be a lot of fun

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by the way this lovely line art was provided by Sebastian's Sire
And we return after a long hiatus!

Thank you for waiting! and enjoy the newest page!
This weeks page brought to you by Sebastian Sire from deviant art.
The comic returns
Back to adventure!
An Homage to Rain LGBT
Hey everyone, latest page is sadly a delay, but also a fun Homage to Rain!
Valkyrias announcement doesn't quite draw the reaction she hoped.
Trig a Refference
Name: Trig Greflag
Age: 17
Info: Trig is a self described wild man. He strives to be the strongest and most manly man in any given situation. This drive to be manly is what lead him to see Richter as his rival. Trig has since done everything he can to one up Richter. He hides the fact that he is highly insecure by boasting and overdoing it by constantly showing off.
His issues and bad behavior stem from his poor self image. Trig comes from a small island nation that was once at war with the mainland. They developed super soldiers to help them in their war effort. Despite this they were ultimately defeated in the war. They had in their desperation to win the war utilized all newborn babies to create super soldiers. The process always resulted in a male child with super human abilities. Unable to reproduce the nation was forced to surrender.
There were two types of soldiers X and Y types. Y types had the ability to become behemoth hulking men with skin of iron and strength that could not be matched. X types tended to be far leaner though still superhumanly strong, but their true power was in their extreme speed and ability to redirect kinetic energy.
X and Y types are named such due to a rumor that their second chromosome is either an X or Y. Thus it is theorized that X types were likely to be born female. However this has yet to be proven, and remains only a rumor due to the fact that the process to create these super soldiers heavily altered genetic structure. All super soldiers chromosomes read as XY
Richter a guide
Name: Richter Steele
Age: 17
Info: Richter is a supernaturally strong student that is a member of the schools student council. He is usually seen running errands for both staff and students. Richter is affectionately known as the 'White Knight' despite his dark armor his clean morals and honest personality have earned him this nickname. Richter's armor hides many secrets yet it is not the secret to his strength.
Lilia the Blue
Name: Lilia Gildcrest
Age: Never ask a lady over 25!
Occupation: Headmistress of West Academy for all adventurers /Adventurer
Info: Lilia is a dark elf and her people have been at war with 'Light' elves for centuries. Lilia is an unfortunate casualty of said war being orphaned at a young age. Lilia's parents were slain shortly after she was born. Her parents killer, however could not slay an infant and thus left her to die. Lilia was eventually cared for by locals of the area she was left in. As she grew Lilia proved to have a talent for blue magic. Not only did she posses and unusually high amount of magical capacity but she was able to activate the azure eye granting her the ability to learn magic by simply seeing it.
Lilia gained fame when she took down a Lich at age 14, she was able to copy his death spell and added several other magics to it. Needless to say the lich was practically disintegrated phylactery and all. It was after this Lilia met her future husband Gregory Gildcrest. He was an outcast similar to her early on. The pair would make a formidable team despite people often mistrusting them.
The two spent years together, but Gregory passed before Lilia due to old age. It was at this point Lilia decided to spend the fortunes she and her husband had obtained in their travels to open a new academy for outcasts such as themselves. Naturally she welcomed all who wanted to learn and over two decades the school had gained as much notoriety as the other four such schools.
Lilia sees her students as her own children (she being unable to bear her own) and will do anything for them. Also she occasionally still travels on adventures, both solo and with former students. When she leaves on these trips she leaves the schools guidance councilor in charge of things till she returns.
Valen a Refference guide
Name: Valen Sine
Age: 16 years
Occupation: student at West academy. He was a student at the Royal exclusive Central academy. Despite royal connections Valen was sent to West academy after blowing up the alchemy lab for the seventh time.
Hobbies: Valen's interests include alchemy genetics, and a general study of transfiguration.
Fun Facts: Valens book is called the Theoretical Limitations of Transfiguration. Valen is royalty and has a private dormitory in West academy, he chose to share this room with Larry. Other students call Valen Dr. Sin, and all of them fear the explosions of his lab. Students often turn to Valen when they need potions, salves and concoctions.
Larry a refference
Name: Larry Johnson
Age: 16
Interest: Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Videogames. Anime.
Larry is a 16 year old high school student from Earth. He found a book of magic in a strange curio shop one day when he got lost on his way home. This book actually held some magic within it, which he used to escape from Earth (where he was bullied mercilessly by his peers). He found himself transported to a world filled with magic! Yet with this massive gift came a few more. Larry had become a blue haired girl! How will he manage this new world and his new body? Only time will tell
January 18th, 2018
You have some duplicate pages and some pages are missing. interesting story do far, I look forward to more.
A little help please?
Seems Miria nearly left Willy and Slim tied up. As a note this marks the end of them in this chapter. but fret not there are plenty of pages still to come in this chapter.
Another School?
Could it be is there another school in this world? Or is this the same school? The woods look samey
December 30th, 2017
Did you study for the test?
The bandits Willy and Slim are more than they seem. What do they mean by test and what plans do they have for Valkyria? Find out by reading onwards friends!
December 24th, 2017
Back to the fray
Looks like Valkyria our new comer has some serious skills!
December 17th, 2017
Larry and Valens talk continues
On the attack!
Looks like our blonde protagonist has the skills to pay the bills. One lightning fast string of moves and one of our bandits is down already!
A flashy attack
Seems the bandits are an experienced bunch. Not even phased by the blonde girls bravado! What will happen next?
A wild Paladin appears!
After a week of being gone we return to a new character! How exciting, but will she be friend or foe!