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My Life as a Blue Haired Sorceress

Larry was just a simple geek, and then one day he found a spell book, one spell cast later and he finds himself in a world of Magic, Dragons and adventure. He also finds himself as a blue haired mage girl!

Now he is stuck in a new world with a new body and all he wants is to be a Man again! Maybe he will maybe he won't, either way it's gonna be a lot of fun

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A little help please?
Seems Miria nearly left Willy and Slim tied up. As a note this marks the end of them in this chapter. but fret not there are plenty of pages still to come in this chapter.
Another School?
Could it be is there another school in this world? Or is this the same school? The woods look samey
December 30th, 2017
Did you study for the test?
The bandits Willy and Slim are more than they seem. What do they mean by test and what plans do they have for Valkyria? Find out by reading onwards friends!
December 24th, 2017
Back to the fray
Looks like Valkyria our new comer has some serious skills!
December 17th, 2017
Larry and Valens talk continues
On the attack!
Looks like our blonde protagonist has the skills to pay the bills. One lightning fast string of moves and one of our bandits is down already!
A flashy attack
Seems the bandits are an experienced bunch. Not even phased by the blonde girls bravado! What will happen next?
A wild Paladin appears!
After a week of being gone we return to a new character! How exciting, but will she be friend or foe!
Here comes a new challenger
After a week we return! Yet who is this? She is neither Larry nor Valen! Is she to be friend or Foe? Only time may tell.
September 24th, 2017
What a bed
Valen's bed looks nice and cozy doesn't it?
September 17th, 2017
We arrive at our new home.
So, They finally arrive.
September 4th, 2017
Running in the halls!
Valen's enthusiasm is without match! Poor Larry is basically dragged out through the school at top speed! Not much else to say about this one! See you next week
September 2nd, 2017
What an exciting page! Valen practically kidnaps Larry! And Lilia releases a secret!
Page 26 interest
Valen takes an interest in Larry, but what is an Invert? and why does it excite Larry so much?
I wonder if this is gonna work out for our poor protagonist.
An explosive introduction
Here we meet Valen resident alchemist and general blower up of things. I wonder if Larry is gonna survive his new friendship?
An explosive introduction
Here we meet Valen resident alchemist and general blower up of things. I wonder if Larry is gonna survive his new friendship?
Here comes a new challanger
Hello everybody! Sorry about the delay last week, good news is we are back and cracking at it again!

In this page we see Larry agree to Lilia's words, we also get a newcomer! who are they? what could they want? What did that poor door do to them?!
Well folks, one thing Larry learns in this page is to never yell at Lilia. She will literally sew your mouth shut.