Green Flame Legacies

Join TheJGamer and SCC_GAMING in an epic adventure inside a video game! Or not. This is a CYOA so we don't really know what's going to happen.

If we pick your command, you get to be in the comic so there's that!

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@RainBowMooseKid: we have bill's command
We haven't gotten any commands yet :(
HI lol
July 22nd, 2017
>put the shirt on, sean!
So SCC got a lot of weapons just from that one bag. Dayum!
@LightBlueBlaze: were actually cousins, lol
(Imma submit a command, though if mine gets chosen again then you don't need to put another cameo of me in there, one is good enough for me and I don't want to disrupt your story :D)

>JGamer, trick SCC into opening the bag, all the while backing away cautiously in case the contents are dangerous . That's how friendship works, right?
>stab the horrible, evil duck for an instant 10 experience points
≥ figure out why your there, like an quest or something

(I'm aware I already had one choosed so if not happening here that fine, very abstract drawings)
Ohey, we got a lot of stuff out of this page! Talk about a fine start!

Just an FYI, if your command is chosen, then either me or RainBowMooseKid will PM you notifying you of that fact, so check those inboxes daily lol

most likely me cuz im on sj more than he is
>They find many interesting faces in the shop, and come across a shady figure.
>sean buys 3 servings of meat.
( )
≥ some strange person throws an bucket, duck and pineapple as starting gear for them.
Oh lol, that's fine! ^^ How about this...

> Look around for any needed in-game supplies. Best to be prepared, right?
@LightBlueBlaze: Sorry that we didn't clarify this earlier, but this comic is set inside a video game.

Kinda like SAO.
Hello! I shall submit a command :3

>They go to the store and look for new video games. Oh, and just in case any random adventures should pop up, make sure they brought a baseball bat for self defense.

Idk, I thought I'd go crazy with my idea XD
Here marks the beginning of Green Flame Legacies featuring some losers... I mean, TheJGamer and RainBowMooseKid, my cousin! (He's referred as SCC_GAMING in the comic)

As a reward, if we pick your comment, you get to be in the comic!

Start your commands, because this is going to be a fun ride!

oh and this is a cyoa (choose your own adventure for those that live under a rock) in case u didnt figure it out lol