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Max Jaw

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
My name is Max Jaw
and I'm here to kill you!

Recent Comments

It’s a new design... so to speak. I’m throwing a few poems in because I’m working on full story and this design has to do with it. From now on Max will go into Serial Action. It just is taking a long time to write a good story and scrip it and all that Jazz. How have you been MK?
Is this a new design for Max's face or a new character?
@MK_Wizard: There's a question of Justice in this comic. What is justice really? Where do we draw the line, how do we determine the severity of retaliation? Max is getting his job done. It is nothing personal, but still... There is a sadness to Sofia's destiny. Max certainly knows that. Thank you MK. :)
This was heartbreaking. Well done, but very sad nonetheless. She had to become a criminal in order for someone to do something and in which, SHE faced justice if you can call it that.

I will say this much, I love how that smoke is conveniently put over Max's eye so that it almost looks like a tear. I'm sure he is weeping within his heart. If there's one thing Max has shown, as rough and jagged as his edges are, he does have a heart. Maybe that's also why he killed her with mercy.
I love the closeup of the eye here... It's beautiful.
Thank you MK. :)
That is quite the view. Kudos to your skills.
Mk. Thank you, but I shoot referrences with a camera. I use 3D models for female referrences too. So, it’s as close to tracing one can get. I can’t get away from referrences because I love the look. I’m a huge fan of rotoscope cartoons like American Pop, Fire and Ice, He-man... so, I try to replicate that look. If anything, I’d like to think I’m a good poet. That comes naturally. I have a few poems posted on WEBTOON under Max Jaw, if you want to read them. Also, I want to be a storyteller first, drawing is just fun for me. The style is what takes biggest precedence. Thank you again, you feel like a lonely friend on smackjeeves. I appreciate your interest.
Now THIS is a page. Your skills have really come a long way, friend. It looks good enough to be a picture all on its own.
@MK_Wizard: I conceived him as a lefty actually, but then I drew him using the right hand. So, yeah. I'm writing a longer story as we speak and we are going deeper into strengths and weaknesses. Plus, I'm working on an origin story. Will be jumping into Max Jaw heavily.
Is Max ambidextrous?
That was the idea. :)
Sigh. It's always the people who are in bad relationships for real who never want to end them or accept that there is no love present.
March 20th, 2018
Holy crap. Wasn't expecting that...
December 30th, 2017
@MK_Wizard: I'm glad you enjoyed it MK. Thank you for reading my comic. :)
December 29th, 2017
The best chapter by far and it truly captured the tragedy of this love. In the end, it was too good to be true, but I never thought on Leila's end too. The poor, poor woman. Nobody deserves to suffer like that.
December 27th, 2017
To those who are reading this comic... I have a poem posted on webtoons and Tapas. I don't want to screw up the flow of the story here, so I won't post it. If anyone is interested, let me know, and I will.
December 25th, 2017
All done. Leila is finished... Boy, are people pissed at me. Cooped up in the office most of the weekend. The story will continue, as you can see. However, next week I AM OFF from Max Jaw. I have a poetry paid gig and I wrote nothing for it. EEEEK. Do not fret. I will post a poem or two for your enjoyment. I'll share a bit of Jaw's old work with you. Jaw will be back in a week and a half.
December 23rd, 2017
Thanks MK. I appreciate you reading it, and I hope you enjoy the following issue, especially where the story takes off. Max is in for something very special.