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The Kirby Cross Association

The Kirby Cross Association

A comic about a group of Kirbys that live together and try to protect civilians from getting hurt

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The Kirby Cross Association

A comic about a group of Kirbys that live together and try to protect civilians from getting hurt

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Steven and Searus, Dangerous Area.
Introducing two minor character, one from Nova (Searus), one from me (Steven the flare). Also a bit of a explaination as to why the place seems kinda of abandoned noting the place is ironically dangerous, what a good place to set up a base. plus a new goal to tell the gang later. More area's to explore though and more mapping to do.
What the...?
10/10 IGN “Right amount of sleep”
Sorry my page is kind of last minute! Matthew transforms, leaving Stella very confused, because she was not paying much attention during his introduction... She has a tendency to get lost in thought!
I've updated finally!

Well, I've had a small bit of inspiration and I finally got a computer mouse to use with my laptop. Let's see how much time I spend doing nothing next Month.
Ok.. Since you're in the discord then, how about we discuss there? It's faster and easier than comments.
Id rather not say...
Why can't you Pm..?
Can’t PM... How bout in my art gallery?
@BestBuilder101: I have PM'd you about this matter a couple days ago, on SJ! Please respond there!
@BestBuilder101: Please keep discussion in private smackjeeves messages or on discord, so that only you and your partner know.
So uh... @CelestialDaydream... I had an idea of how it could go...
I just had to make that joke. If you look closely, you can actually see a fence hidden behind the flowers. I was going to do something else this page that I didn't get to do in the Prologue, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity for the pun. Background's right here if anyone needs it. I can see Blu-Dee and Kibble coming into this area to see if the little hole from last page is a good place for fishing.

I know, I know. It's supposed to be my month off, right? Well I ended up not doing hardly any work on NaNoWriMo this year. SInce I didn't have Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon yet, I decided to update this month just for something to do.
This page is a wonderful example of what this chapter will be about. Good job!!
You know what? I actually did think of a character to introduce. Unfortunately, that character might not be what we're looking for in this comic.

Edit: I do have a few characters I planned to introduce in other comics, but I can repurpose them to use as minor characters for this comic.
Guess, I'm 1st up. Kinn & Kort
Kinn is excited about her task, making her quite talkative. Than again considering how she was designed this is definitely a like of hers. I decided to avoid minors for now...cause it is the first page in this group. '-'; hope this isn't a bother, nova or anybody.
Our heroes now split up to get their work done. I wonder how well each of them will perform? Yeah, the comic is on temporary hiatus. Like I said before, I plan to bring KCC back in December, preferably before Christmas. I'm planning a comic page where Ge-Trick prank calls Keeby with Kirby's phone.

Which reminds me, I need an idea for his prank call.
i'm interested in seeing it as well!
katty's bio in the characters page has been updated!